I Don’t Want To Plant The Bios Urn® Immediately. Is That Possible?


The simple answer is YES.


The Bios urn expiration explained

The Bios Urn ® does not have an expiration date. Thanks to the materials used to create it, you can keep the tree urn indefinitely.

It can be safely stored until the planting for years or even decades. The tree urn will only begin to break down once it’s planted in soil and exposed to moisture.

In the meantime, the urn can be kept as it comes, without the ashes inside. And it can also be kept with the ashes inside, just like a standard urn. Thanks to its special lock mechanism, it ensures the ashes remain locked into the bottom of the urn, and is easy for transporting.

So now that you know that the Bios urn expiration is not an issue, find out more information regarding your specific situation below.



Which is your situation?


You wish to buy the Bios Urn ® for yourself as part of your end-of-life plans.

You may love the idea of becoming a tree after you pass and want to make this easier for your loved-ones by pre-planning your own end of life plans. If this is your case, congratulations! This is such an important thing to do. Life would be a lot easier to live if we talked about death now. We need to discuss these issues when we are alive so we can take the emotion out of it — and then we can learn not just what is important, but why it’s important.

You can most definitely buy the urn for yourself in advance. You can find out all about pre-planning with a Bios Urn here.

And these inspiring TED Talks on pre-planning for death may be just what you need to get motivated about this.



You are still looking for the perfect planting spot in nature.

You have our loved-one’s ashes but are not ready to plant it yet. If you are looking for a public space, this may require so time to research the options available. It is also important to understand local regulations regarding planting (or scattering) ashes in nature.

We have written a few articles on our website with recommendations on how to go about your search.

You can find recommendations for places to plant in the U.S and Canada here. If you are specifically looking to plant your tree urn in a public park or forest in these countries, check out this article.

If you live in Europe, then this would be the article to read with a different section on each country.

Also you could carry out an internet search with keywords such as “woodland burial”, “natural burial grounds”, “burial forest” or “green burial grounds” in your city/state to see what is closest to you and they are sure to be able to provide further information also.

If you do find any more places near you, please do let us know! We are always on the lookout for forward-thinking cemeteries and natural burial grounds around the world and to help more people in the future. 


You will move home in the near future.

If you wish to plant it close to you in your home, but you are concerned about how long you will be living there, you can bring your Bios Urn® tree with you even if you move. So there is no need to worry about the Bios urn expiration as you can store it in your home with the ashes inside until you are ready. 

Just so you know, the Bios Urn® can also be planted in a planter or a suitable planting container which is then easier to bring with you.


You are researching the best tree to plant.

The Bios Urn® works with any kind of seed or seedling

By using your own and sourcing it directly yourself, you can therefore choose a tree which is sentimental and meaningful to you. We want to offer every single person the chance to think about, research and source their own directly, making this selection process part of the beautiful journey back to nature. We don’t want it to be limited in any way. Fruit trees, flowering trees, evergreens or conifers are all completely compatible.

If you are planning to plant in the ground, the only thing we advise is to choose a species of tree native or common to where you live since they are respectful of the environment and ensure better growth. You can ask a local gardening centre or tree nursery or you may be able to find out by searching online. 

This recent article we wrote also gives a good overview of what to take into consideration when growing your tree from seed. This would definitely be a go-to place when choosing a tree to plant as different tree seeds need different kinds of prep and care. Or some people also choose to plant a flower or a plant instead of a tree.

Here are our guides per region with some of our tree recommendations if you want to check out other options.


You are waiting for a time when the whole family can be together.

You may be waiting for a day when all the loved-ones can be together for the planting ceremony. Especially in recent times, traveling as been limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it may not be easy to get everyone together in the near future. No need to worry about the Bios urn expiration though, just safely store the urn with or without the ashes inside for when the time is right.

In fact, without the pressure of time, you will also have time to think about the things you would like to do to making your planting ceremony unique and special.


Bios Urn Blog: What Is The Bios Urn Expiration? Can I Wait Before Planting The Tree Urn?


It is not the right season to plant.

All seeds and seedlings should be planted during their correct planting season.

Be sure to read our planting guide to get more information about this.


You are waiting to receive the ashes after the body or organs were donated.

What many people don’t know is that the remains can be cremated and returned to the family once the donation process has been finalized.

So this means that you can donate your organs and/or your body to science, and still be planted as a tree with a Bios Urn ® afterwards.

Read more about donating your body to science and donating your organs. If you are still thinking about this as an option, this inspirational real-life story may be just what you need to read.


You want to be buried at the same time as a loved-one.

Have you ever wished you could stay close to a loved-one, even after life has ended?

May that other-half be a partner, a sibling, a child, a parent, a friend or even a pet, it is possible to stay together in the after-life thanks to companion urns. Find out about how they work here.

You can therefore purchase your urns in advance without having to worry about the Bios urn expiration as they can be stored for decades until both loved-ones can be reunited again and carry on growing as trees alongside each other.



Tips for storing the urn

To favor its preservation, we recommend storing the urn in a dry place away from extreme heat, or humidity.

It can also securely hold a person’s ashes until the planting, just like a normal urn.

We would also recommend only getting the seeds or seedling at the moment of planting.

It can be used with any amount of ash up to 2.5 liters, regardless of how little or how old.



What do you think of our guide on the Bios urn expiration information? Has it helped you make up your choice? We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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    • Bios Urn says

      Hi Sandy. Thank you for your interest and the answer is yes. You can most definitely plant a Bios Urn under a larger root ball tree. The biodegradable urn will work in the exact same way and will still keep the roots from coming into contact with the ashes until the tree establishes itself. You can read more on why this is important in this article we wrote: https://urnabios.com/why-directly-planting-in-cremation-ashes-directly-will-not-work/

      All you would need to do in this case is to dig a deeper whole. First place the ashes in the lower capsule and fill any remaining space with the soil from the place where you wish to plant. Remove the top seal on the upper capsule, place the expansion disc at the bottom then fill the remaining space with soil. Place the Bios Urn at the bottom of the whole you have dug. Cover it with a thin layer of soil then place the tree on top.
      The full planting instructions can be found here: https://urnabios.com/how-to-use-and-plant-bios-urn/

      Letus know if you have any more questions we can help with. Take care

  1. Agnes Chrismer says

    Thanks for the information on the bios urn. I do plan on getting one each for hubby and myself, but wasn’t sure how long we could hold onto them. We are both basically healthy, but I know death can come at anytime, so it’s good to be partly prepared.

  2. Pauline Bartley says

    I have read up on the Bios Urn. I am in the process of planning my death and funeral plans. I absolutely want to get my Bios Urn. I am also talking to my adult children about my wishes. I would love to plant our three trees next to each of us too.
    Do you have an on-line catalog of the urns? Or can I get one through the mail? I would like to plan my purchase of the urn. That’s a big step for me in preparation of my death.
    Thank you so much for your information. I want to be prepared so that my family will be able to follow my requests.

    Pauline Bartley

    • Bios Urn says

      Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interest in the Bios Urn®, we are very grateful. We are so honoured that you are considering using one of our biodegradable tree urns for yourself. We do not mail our brochures, mainly because we try to be paper free! We have just sent you an email with all the pre-planning information. If you don´t receive it, let us know!

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