How to Use The Bios Urn® With Your Own Tree of Choice

Choosing the right tree

The Bios Urn® works with any kind seed, seedling, or sprout. Absolutely no exceptions whatsoever! It can be used with any kind you have in mind.
Some people may want a tree, while others may prefer a small bush or shrub. The ultimate decision is yours to make. Before choosing your tree there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Will it be planted indoors or outdoors?
If indoors, will it stay indoors indefinitely, or be transplanted? If outdoors, where will it be planted?

Are you interested in a special kind, such as a shrub, flowering tree, or fruit tree?
If so, which one?

Do you live in an extreme environment?
If so, is it very hot or very cold.

After considering these questions, you can then choose which you would like. The answers can help narrow down which are available to you. We recommend taking into account your planting zone, as this is important to make sure the tree or species you choose is compatible with your environment. Planting zones typically range from 1 to 11, with the average of most being between 4-9. Find out yours in our articles covering the different continents of the world:

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Other regions will be published soon!

Often times the tree people choose is one which holds sentimental value. Some prefer different kinds of trees, such as fruit or nut trees. Which ever tree you choose, choosing something sentimental is a great way to honor loved ones, pets, and even ourselves!
All of us are incredibly different, so it only makes sense that the trees we choose are different, as we all see beauty in different things.

Seed or Seedling?

Once you have decided on the tree, shrub, or bush of choice – it’s time to choose if you would like a seed or seedling! Seeds are very easy to find, and can generally be purchased from an online vendor. A seed packet on average can cost around $10, for an entire packet. Since seed vendors are commercial, they can legally ship to most countries, meaning that even if you order from a seed vendor in a different country, it can be shipped to you! Seedlings must be ordered from a company within your own country generally, and can cost a minimum of $25 and up. Often times, you can also order seeds or a seedling from a local nursery or garden center. We always recommend ordering locally if you can.

If you order a seed, it will likely need a bit of treatment before getting started. Treatment can vary, but generally takes about 1-6 weeks.
Seedlings must be planted immediately after purchasing, and only need to be planted into the top capsule of the Bios Urn®.


All trees, shrubs, plants, and bushes require TLC (tender loving care.)
Be sure you tree has enough sunlight to meet its needs, is regularly watered, and is pruned if it needs to be. Remember to keep it safe and covered in the winter time.

Need help choosing a tree? Contact us and we can help!

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