Our Guide To Native Trees That You Can Plant With A Bios Urn® Where You Live


Are you looking for ideas of trees to grow with a Bios Urn ® where you live, but you are unsure about which species to use? We have got you covered!

We have posted a series of articles about native tree species which are compatible in different countries of the world.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to always use native tree species, to ensure better tree growth, and so that you are respectful to your local environment. Please message us if you have questions regarding seed choices, or inquire at a local nursery to see what options are best suited for your location.

Take your time to look into the different types of indigenous trees where you live and choose the one that is right for you and your family.

So without further ado, below are our recommendations of indigenous trees to grow with a Bios Urn ® per continent and country. If the country where you live is missing from this list, please get in touch with us at [email protected]!

Before choosing your tree type

The Bios Urn ® works with any kind of seed or seedling! There are literally no exceptions. You can elect to use your own by sourcing it directly yourself, and therefore choose a tree which is sentimental and meaningful to you. Fruit trees, flowering trees, evergreens or conifers are all completely compatible.

That said, we always recommend choosing a native tree species or one which is common to your location, to respect the ecological balance and ensure better growth. So be sure to check with a local gardening supplier or horticulturist for information on native tree species in your area. Natives are already adapted to the environment and often tend to use less water and do better in Australian and New Zealand soils.

Reviving the native forest also provides a habitat for native wildlife such as birds. Not every native plant is suited to a particular area, so before planting do some research on what trees are native to the area to be planted.

Remember you can also elect to use a seedling, or sprout instead of a seed. Or some people also chose to plant a flower, a plant, or a bush instead of a tree.

Discover below the most popular native trees to grow with a Bios Urn ® below!

Popular native trees to grow with a Bios Urn ® where you live

The U.S.

Most Popular native trees in the United States US to grow with a Bios Urn



Most Popular native trees in Canada to grow with a Bios Urn


South America

Most Popular native trees to grow with a Bios Urn in South America


South Africa

Most Popular native trees in South Africa to grow with a Bios Urn



Most Popular native trees in Asia to grow with a Bios Urn


Australia & New Zealand

Most Popular native trees to grow with a Bios Urn ® in Australia and New Zealand



Most Popular native trees to grow with a Bios Urn in Europe


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Before planting your tree urn

Regardless of your chosen tree species, all seeds and seedlings should be planted during their correct planting season. Please read our planting guide here to get more information about this, this is applicable to all types trees to grow with a Bios Urn ®.

Basic care is required for the seeds or seedling – the same with the plants in your home, watering and sun is needed, but levels vary. You can check out our Planting Tips page and our FAQ page, which feature additional information about the Bios Urn ® and how to use it.


Most Popular native trees to grow with a Bios Urn

Image source: Bios Urn


Do you have other suggestions of trees to grow with a Bios Urn ® which are native to your country? We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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  1. Barbara Courser says

    Hutto, Texas- Austin area. Does the American Forestry Association use BioUrn for planting? I don’t want my daughter to waste time at a grave site.

    • Bios Urn says

      Dear Barbara. Thank you for reaching out. What you are doing by seeking to preplan your own end of life wishes is very wise. You will make everything easier on your loved-ones and you can be sure that it will be the way to want it. Congratulations on your proactivity!

      In the U.S., each State has different laws regarding the disposal of cremains and therefore the plantation of a Bios Urn. This website offers some insight into this: https://coeio.com/burial-laws-state/
      Therefor, depending on which state each forest is located, it may be allowed by law or not to plant a biodegradable urn containing human ashes. We would suggest you research the law in the state where you live and then contact the local forest directly.

      We have created an article with recommendations for planting your Bios Urn® in a public park or forest on our website which may also be helpful: https://urnabios.com/planting-bios-urn-forest-park-public/

      If you would like more advice on places to plant, feel free to email us at [email protected]

      Kind regards!

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