Bios Parks

Since 1997 Bios has been working to offer smart, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to approach an inevitable phase of human life: death.

During this time we have created the Bios Urn® for people and for pets, as well as the
Bios Incube® which allows you to plant the Bios Urn® close to you.

This year, 23 years after that first idea, we are launching Bios Park® to complete the cycle of returning to nature after life has ended.

Our planet is running
out of burial space.

Cremation rates are soaring worldwide as it is a much more economical option and because it is also much more environmentally friendly than traditional burials, as traditional burials use an incredible amount of resources and chemicals.

We also need to take collective responsibility for planetary reforestation. This can start at an individual level: the environmental impact of planting one single Bios Urn® is immense. Multiply that on a global level and we are talking thousands, if not millions, of trees planted every year.

The Bios Urns® are a more economical burial alternative for people and for the environment, as well as more sustainable for communities dealing with ever-increasing space limitations.

We need more places where the
Bios Urn® can be legally buried!

Regulations around the use of human remains vary widely from country to country. In some countries it is even considered illegal. We need to challenge that. Every single person should have the right to do with their remains or those of a loved-one how best they see fit.

And they especially shouldn’t have to buy into a multi-billion traditional funeral industry should that not feel right to them.

What is clear is that the structure of burial and funerals no longer serve individuals or the environment, and the only way to move forward is through innovation.

So just for a second, imagine a new way of looking at life.

Where there is no end, just the beginning of something new.

A place where life and nature live in perfect harmony…

Introducing Bios Parks®

Bios Parks® are open green spaces to commemorate and remember our loved ones in a natural environment and in harmony with nature.

In a Bios Park® you will be able to plant the Bios Urns® for people and for pets directly in the ground or in the Bios Incube® to facilitate their growth whilst the tree or plant establishes itself.

At Bios, our mission from the beginning has been clear:
We hope to convert cemeteries around the world into forests, into
Bios Parks®.

The creation of Bios Parks® around the world is a way to make that mission a reality. 

The launch of this grassroots movement will hopefully inspire the opening of green burial spaces around the world.

We envision a world in which it is normal for anyone who wants to be returned to nature as a tree to be able to.

We want to support a shift from a consumer species to a restorer species.