The Environmental Impacts of Planting a Bios Urn®

The Bios Urn® is a catalyst for growth. It is a temporary product, which after being used leaves nothing behind but a tree. Aside from providing an ecological and eco-friendly alternative for cremated ashes, it also has some unique benefits which can be seen in the short and long term.

How Much Impact Does Planting a Bios Urn® Have?

Environmental Impacts

Planting a tree is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do for your local environment. CO2 is one of the biggest contributing factors to the greenhouse effect. Trees act by trapping CO2 from the atmosphere and giving us oxygen in return. On average, one tree produces approximately “260 pounds of oxygen each year.” With these numbers in mind, that means that two mature trees can provide “enough oxygen for a family of four.” In the first year of growth trees can sequester between 2-2.5lbs of carbon dioxide. Once a tree reaches maturity, these numbers vary from 120lbs to over 200lbs per year! Most trees reach maturity between 10-30 years, depending on the species planted. Trees help moderate temperatures by providing a cooling effect, which helps to counteract the heating effect caused by pavement and roads. In urban areas specifically, trees help reduce ozone levels.

Aside from the environmental impact that planting a tree has, and the oxygen they provide – there are also social, economical, and health benefits!

Air pollution now kills around seven million people every year globally, according to the World Health Organization. Trees can help with air pollution, which has plagued cities worldwide, and can offer natural assistance to this global problem.

Alongside pollution, trees can also help those who suffer from depression and other illnesses; as being in nature or surrounded by trees has proven to have a tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system. As we continue to expand our cities and towns, it’s especially crucial to reconnect with nature whenever possible, and enjoy the peace that comes with its presence. Trees promote good mental health.

Trees add value wherever they are placed, and studies have shown that property values especially go up because trees have so many benefits. Property values are 10-20% higher in landscaped homes, or communities which have trees and foliage than ones without them. They provide natural cooling over summer months, and help reduce noise. Crime rates have also been reported as being significantly lower in areas with more trees. Overall they enhance the community, and provide a sense of beauty.

In addition to helping us feel more serene, trees also provide nourishment and sustenance for surrounding wild life thus keeping the local ecosystem preserved.

You can plant a tree whenever you would like. Using a Bios Urn® when it is needed for cremated ashes, only helps with all of the above benefits, by adding one more tree to this world, and turning the experience into something positive and reflective of the cycle of life.

Production Impacts

All of the products our company creates are made using cradle to cradle design methods, which are sustainable in materials, and production. The Bios Urn® is a biological product in that it is produced entirely out locally sourced recycled materials, and is organic in its composition and structure. It decomposes into the natural environment, without affecting surrounding life in a negative way. Our project is rooted in sustainability (pun intended.) We believe in creating and growing things that we enjoy and that add to this world.

Alongside locally sourced materials, we work with small family owned businesses to help support and shop local.

Emotional Impacts

When someone passes away, we are often left confused about how to honor them in a way that resonates. When you choose the Bios Urn®, you don’t just choose a product, but you choose the experience which accompanies it. Our company´s ethos has always been to create things which promote growth, and which reintroduce man back into the natural cycle of life. One of the most rewarding things for us is to speak with our community and people all over the world who have used a Bios Urn®.

In a sense it has also help bring this unique process home, and opened up a dialogue around eco-friendly alternatives, which give back to the earth instead of take away from it.

Tomas planted a Bios Urn® with an Oak tree, in the Czech Republic for both his grandparents, and planted them side by side.
Anne planted a Bios Urn® with a Western Hemlock tree, for her father in Canada.
Sakari planted a Bios Urn® with a Red Maple, for her fiance in the United States.

Did we miss any tree benefits? Feel free to add more below.

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  1. Valerie Williamson says

    I’m interested in the different ways in which you can help a family member to depart from life in a positive way.

    • Bios Urn says

      Dear Valerie,
      Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in the Bios Urn, we are very grateful.

      The planting of our tree urns are both good for the planet and many people also find them therapeutic seeing as you are able to carry on seeing a loved-one “grow” alongside you as a tree.

      They also do not have an expiry date, meaning that you can order one as part of end of life plans and it can be kept indefinitely for years or even decades in a cool dry place.

      We would be happy to send you more information if you send us a note at [email protected]
      We are here to help in any way that we can


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