Tomáš used a Bios Urn® to plant his grandfather into a Mighty Oak tree

Tomáš Ševčík chose to use a Bios Urn® for his grandfather, who passed away nearly 14 months ago. His family had no idea what to do after his grandfather passed, until he discovered the Bios Urn® and knew it was a perfect fit for him. Tomáš described his grandfather as a spontaneous and impulsive man, who often did things just for fun, even in his old age.

He and his family chose to plant his grandfather´s Bios Urn® in a pond that his grandfather had excavated and created entirely by himself years before in the Czech Republic. Tomáš knew this was the perfect place for his Bios Urn® to be planted. Tomáš described the pond as a very calm and beautiful place which harbors the spirit of his grandfather. He now takes a yearly sojourn to this special location to light candles, and sometimes even to go fishing.

¨We all hate graveyards and we go there once a year to light up the candles. This way I visit my grandpa very often. I found passion in fishing, so I just take my fishing rod and sit next to my grandpa the whole afternoon. It makes me feel happy in a really special way. Sometimes a tear drops, but I wouldn’t call it a tear of sadness. It is very difficult to describe the feeling.¨

Tomáš chose a Bios Urn® with an Oak tree seedling for his grandfather, as he found it to be the most fitting choice and is also environmentally compatible with the location. When we spoke with Tomáš he told us his grandmother just recently passed away as well, and that he has plans of planting her into an Oak tree as well.

He concluded his message to us with some beautiful photos, and by saying this ¨I’ll only send you pictures of my grandpas tree for now and later on I’ll send you hers too. They are going to be side by side.¨

One of the most interesting things to us is seeing where people choose to plant their Bios Urn,® and how the land in which they place it in holds a special connection or meaning to them. Generally these spaces serve as sacred havens of a sort. From the Czech Republic, to Vancouver, to California, to Australia – Bios Urns® have been planted on land that individuals and families hold deep spiritual connections with, and it’s amazing to imagine how many of these places exist for people all over the world.

Where is a special place for you? What place holds the most meaning? Share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. Glenn Conroy says

    Quarantine laws in Australia will prevent importing any tree seed
    Please advise what exactly will I be buying as it cannot contain soil or seeds
    as Australian quarantine will seize and destroy such imports

    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Glenn,

      We always suggesting importing the Bios Urn to Australia without seeds, as customs is very strict. We also recommend using native tree species, as it is respectful to the local environment, and ensure better growth!

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