How Do Companion Urns For Two People Work And Can I Get One That Turns Us Into A Tree?


Have you ever wished you could stay close to a loved-one, even after life has ended?

May that other-half be a partner, a sibling, a child, a parent, a friend or even a pet, it is possible to stay together in the after-life thanks to companion urns.


What are companion urns?

Companion urns are cremation urns that are designed to hold the cremains of more than one person.  The urns are also called “couples urns” or “duo urns” and are generally made to hold the cremated ashes of two people.

We are most often unprepared for the sudden loss of a loved-one. Companion urns are a good choice for two people who wish to remain together after death.

Selecting two-person crematory urns is not an everyday occasion, and we understand that families will have a lot of questions which we can hopefully answer here for you.


Can two people’s ashes be mixed together?

Mixing two people’s ashes his is also known as “commingling”.

Commingling a couple’s remains means that the two individual’s ashes obtained after cremation (also commonly called cremains) are mixed, or “mingled” together in an urn, most often a companion urn.


Do remains have to be commingled in a companion urn?

No. This is a matter of personal preference.

Here are the two most common methods of inurning two people’s remains:

  1. Simple:  In this case, the couple’s remains are together inside an urn, but are not commingled. For example, they can be in two individual bags (although if it is a biodegradable urn, the material of the bag or container needs to be biodegradable).
  2. Commingled: If the couple requested their ashes to be commingled, or if the family decided that commingling was the best expression of the two people’s love, then the ashes can be mixed together before in companion urns for permanent storage.

If you are a family member in charge of handling the funeral and disposition arrangements, be sure to check the couple’s will to see if they had particular instructions regarding the mixing of their ashes.


Does Bios Urn ® offer an option for two people?

The answer is yes.

Imagine that you could come back to life, together as a tree. Well it is possible.

The goal of all of the Bios products is to change the way people think about death by converting the end of life into a transformation and a return to life through nature.

There are two options available:

Using a single Bios Urn ® for two people

The Bios Urn ® has the capacity for 2.5 liters of ashes which more or less corresponds to the ashes of 1 person (and it can also be used with any amount of ash under this amount). You can commingle (mix) two different people’s ashes together in a single Bios Urn ® as long as the total quantity is under 2.5 liters. If you plan to split the ashes between different family members and only use a portion in the Bios Urn ®, they could therefore fit in a single tree urn. The price of the Bios Urn ® is $ 140 USD (or equivalent in your local currency) and it can be purchased here. We ship worldwide, no exceptions!

Bios Urn Blog: How do companion urns for two people work and can we be turned into a tree ?

You can use a single Bios Urn ® for two people as long as the total quantity of ashes is less than 2.5 Liters. Photo: Bios Urn®

Using our companion urns which are called Bios Urn Love ®

Another option if you wish to keep two people’s ashes together is to plant 2 trees together next to each other.

Bios Urn Love ® is a pack of companion urns which contains two biodegradable Bios Urns ®. Each urn is designed to contain a tree seed or seedling, so that two loved-ones can grow together as trees in the after-life, side by side.

Bios Urn Blog: How do companion urns work for two people and can we be turned into a tree ? Yes with Bios Urn Love - LImited Edition tree urn

Bios Urn Love® is a pack of two urns that enable you to carry on growing together as trees. Photo: Bios Urn ®


To find out more about it, check out the video below and the information page on our website.

Bios Urn Love ® is a limited edition that is only available for purchase on our website at specific times of the year. However, we most probably have them in stock at all times. You can contact us at [email protected] for further information. The price is $ 199 USD (or equivalent in your local currency).

You can use this option whether the cremains are commingled or not:

Without commingling

Place each person’s ashes separately in the respective urns. 

With commingling

Mix the two people’s ashes together and split them evenly between the two urns.


How do the tree urns for two people work?

The urns are made using 100% biodegradable materials leaving absolutely no trace after a period of time.

They specifically have two parts – a top capsule with the proper medium to allow complete germination of the seed or seedling, and a bottom cone where you can place the ashes of one or more people.

The design of these tree urns allows the seed to germinate separated from the ashes. Once the urn starts the decomposing process, the tree roots are already strong enough to contact the ashes and grow through the urn.

All of our urns are ready to be used with any tree, shrub or plant seed or seedling. No exceptions!

They also have no expiry date and can be used with new or old ashes, enabling you to pre-plan your future the way you both want it.

What we try to illustrate is that the end can also be the beginning” says co-founder Gerard Moline.



Bios Urn Blog: How do companion urns for two people work and can we be turned into a tree ?



Should we purchase a companion urn in advance?

There are many advantages to selecting and purchasing your companion urn ahead of time, including the ability to pre-plan for your personal preferences while saving your surviving relatives stress when finalizing the funeral.

The benefits of purchasing an urn in advance include:

  • · Peace of mind knowing your resting place has been finalized
  • · You get the exact urn you want
  • · You save your loved ones from additional stress
  • · No need to pay expedited shipping fees
  • · A great sense of control over your own death
  • · A chance to give back to the planet if your end-of-life plans are sustainable such as contaminating the earth as little as possible and planting a tree


What happens if one of us dies before the other?

The Bios Urns ® do not have an expiration date. Thanks to the materials used to create them, you can keep the urns indefinitely.

It can securely hold your loved-one’s ashes until your own passing (or vice versa), just like a standard urn. It can be stored for years or even decades until you are able to add the second person’s ashes and be planted in a natural environment or in a planter. The urn will only begin to break down once it’s planted and exposed to soil and moisture.

When the second person passes away, the urn(s) can be planted following the instructions below. It can be used with any type of creamted ashes regardless of how old they are.

To favour its preservation, we recommend storing the urn in a dry place away from extreme heat, or humidity. We also recommend only getting the seeds or seedling at the moment of planting.


How are the remains placed into the companion urn?

When an individual’s remains come to you from the crematorium, in most cases they will be inside a durable plastic bag which will be placed inside a plastic or cardboard “temporary urn”, an inexpensive container provided by the crematory or funeral home. In this case, we recommend taking the plastic bag out of the temporary urn and gently emptying  it inside the biodegradable urn. Make sure you are in a place with no wind or draft before starting the procedure.

In case you will be keeping each person´s ashes separate with the Bios Urn Love ®, we recommend gently emptying each of the two individual’s plastic bags of ashes into their respective tree urn. This is the simplest solution.

However, if the couple requested their ashes to be commingled, or if the family decided that commingling was the best expression of the two people’s love, then the easiest way to commingle the ashes is to open one plastic bag and pour the contents of the second into the first. Then you can split the combined ashes evenly between the pack of duo urns. If you are using a single Bios Urn ®, we recommend you follow the same steps in order to mix the ashes into one bag enabling you to them split them between the different family members. You can gently pour your portion into the lower capsule of the tree urn (making sure that the total amount is under 2.5 Liters).

You can read the Planting Instructions which explain what to do if there is an air chamber left in the lower capsule once the ashes have been placed there and how to plant it.

Just so you know, the Bios Urn® can be filled by a crematorium directly if you take it to them in advance. In many cases, you can ask the funeral director to take care of this for you. Funeral homes are often required by law to use the container of your choice, even if it is purchased from an outside source. Thanks to its special lock mechanism, it ensures the ashes remain locked into the bottom of the urn, and is easy for transporting. Just make sure you ask them to not include any plastic bag inside the urn as this is not biodegradable



Was this article about companion urns useful for you? Or maybe you have your own duo urns story to share?

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    • Bios Urn says

      Hello and thank you so much for your interest. What a beautiful idea.
      In this case, you would need to appoint a family member of friend to do the commingling for you when the time comes. The procedure of mixing a person´s ashes with a pet´s ashes is exactly the same as the procedure of mixing two people´s ashes described in this article. I can be done at home, this doesn´t need to be done by the crematorium. You could send the designated person this article. We also have a pre-planning form you can fill out with the prefered tree or plant. If you email us at [email protected] we can send it to you to also give to the designated person. Thank you!

  1. Martha says

    I live in the northeastern United States, and would love to become a beautiful tree, in a Bios Park. Any idea when that could be possible.
    And would there eventually be a way to have the Bios Urn with remains inside, planted in a Bios Park. My daughter, says she would be afraid of killing a tree or plant.

    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Martha! Thank you for your interest and suppor,t we are very grateful. The only Bios Park currently open is in Quebec (Canada). We wouldn´t be able to give a time frame as to when one may open in North East US. There are no immediate plans, but that could quickly change. If you follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this article, you will be kep up to date with any new openings. In the meantime, you can also search for a burial forest or natural burial ground which accepts the plantation of a biodegradable Bios Urn with the remains inside (even if it is not a Bios Park, there are many options out there). We have sent you an email with further information on this! Thank you again

  2. Tony Bellerose says

    Do you have an urn to include 3? Me and my 2 dogs? This is so incredibly important to me and I thank you for your feed back.

    Tony, Lola & Gilbert

    • Bios Urn says

      Dear Tony. Thank you for reaching out! The Bios Urn Love duo pack would be perfect for this. The total capacity is 2.5 l x 2 (because there are 2 urns included in the pack) which is more than enough for the ashes of a person and two dogs (however big they may be!). Here is the product page: This is a limited edition and will be available for purhcase on our online shop until 28th February 2021. We hope to have answered your question and that we can help make your dream a reality one day. Take care

  3. Pam Hammon says

    I to want to be with my prts..I have cremated all of my dogs. Be a breeder I have very special pet as my first champion and so on for a total of 5..would there be room for all of us..I want them to be free with the wind with me??

    • Bios Urn says

      Dear Pam,
      What a beautiful idea. If I understand correctly, you already have the cremated remains of your 5 dogs and wish to request that all of their ashes be mixed with yours when the time comes. The Bios Urn® for humans has the capacity for 2.5 liters of ashes which more or less corresponds to the ashes of 1 person so I don´t think that all of your ashes mixed together would fit. There are two things that you could do in this case:
      – You could also split the ashes into various Bios Urns® and plant various trees. In this instance, 2 urns should suffice like our companion urn mentioned in this article, which is called Bios Urn Love®).
      – You could also ask that only a portion of your ashes be mixed with your dogs in one single Bios Urn®. Your remaining ashes could be scattered in a place that is dear to your heart or any other wishes you may have for your remains.
      I hope this answers your questions. If you would like us to send you some information on preplanning or if you have any other questions we can help with, please don´t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
      Take care

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