Why The Bios Urn® Comes Without A Seed

All of our tree urns are sold without any seeds.

That is why you are not asked to confirm the seed of choice during the checkout process.

We did used to work with a family owned seed company which sources only premium quality trees. However we made the decision to stop selling seeds with our urn because we didn’t want people to feel limited by the few options we were able to offer at the time.

You see, the Bios Urn ® works with every single kind of seed or seedling, no exceptions! 

By using your own seed and sourcing it directly yourself, you can therefore choose a tree which is sentimental and meaningful to you. We want to offer every single person the chance to think about, research and source their own directly, making this process part of the beautiful journey back to nature.

We don’t want it to be limited by the few that we would be able to offer on our website, we wanted to enable everyone to choose a tree which is sentimental and meaningful to them and their loved-ones. Because that is really what it is all about.


Here are our guides per region with some of our tree recommendations.

Fruit trees, flowering trees, evergreens or conifers are all completely compatible. Or some people also chose to plant a flower, a plant, or a bush instead of a tree.

Whichever you feel is right for you, we always recommend choosing a native tree species or one which is common to your location. We can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a species of tree native to where you live since they are respectful of the environment and ensure better growth. So be sure to check with a local gardening supplier or horticulturist for information on native tree species in your area. 


Why The tree urns Bios Urn ® Comes Without A Seed

Image source: Bios Urn®


Remember that you can also elect to use a sapling, or sprout instead of a seed during the planting process. This is a more established plant which has passed the germination process and is therefore stronger. This is a good option if you feel that the care required for the germination process of the tree requires too much care.

That is why we now only sell all of the Bios Urns ® without seed, because we want to make sure that our urn is 100% compatible with all tree types and more importantly, all types of climates. Because this gives the tree the best chances to grow strong and healthy.


When the time comes to plant your urn, here is some information you should find useful:

All seeds and seedlings should be planted during their correct planting season. Be sure to read our planting guide to get more information about this.  

Also, basic care is required for the seeds or seedling – the same with the plants in your home, watering and sun is needed, but levels vary. 

You can check out our Planting Tips page and our FAQ page, which features additional information about the Bios Urn ® and how to use it.



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  1. Shelly says

    Are you not offering tree seedlings any longer??? This is one of the very things I loved about your concept. You provided everything needed for the family member left behind that made it less painless emotionally. I am understanding that you no longer offer tree seedlings…. because that would be a huge game changer for me. What family wants to have to go shopping around nurseries for tree sampling’s after a loved
    one has passed. I am hoping that you will continue to offer both options either buy your one of your choices or someone can buy their own if they choose. Please tell me that this is how you are going to market this!!!

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