Instructions: How to use and plant your Bios Urn in nature

– Before you plant your Bios Urn, be sure to read about the tree species you have chosen to ensure optimal conditions for growth.
– Check to make sure you plant during the best season. Regardless of if you use our tree species, or your own – all seeds and seedlings should be planted during their correct planting season.
– TLC (all living things require some basic tender loving care – remember to give your tree some as well!)

We try to make the Bios Urn as user-friendly as possible. The Bios Urn itself is divided into two capsules: a lower capsule, and an upper capsule. The upper capsule comes sealed and contains a soil expansion disc, growth medium, and seeds of your choosing.

Instructions for using the Bios Urn

1. Fill the lower capsule of the Bios Urn with ash (any amount, regardless of how little can be used.) The Bios Urn can be filled by a crematorium, or by the individual user. Thanks to its double capsule design, the Bios Urn locks into place, so that a crematorium can give the ash back to you ready to plant. Once the ashes have been transferred to the lower capsule, close the lower capsule with the top capsule by sealing it into place (place the top capsule on top, and then twist it slightly to the side). TIP: If you only use a portion of the ash, be sure to fill the remainder of the Bios Urn with soil from the surrounding area as well so as not to leave a gap present.

2. Choose the location or planting spot for your Bios Urn. If you need assistance with this, contact us here, or check out our recommended places to plant.

3. Plant your Bios Urn! Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the Bios Urn. Generally around 15-16 inches (36-37cm) is a good depth, with a width of 10-12 inches. Plant the Bios Urn inside, leaving the soil surface a couple of fingers above the top of the urn. TIP: water the entire hole before you plant the Bios Urn into it, as this will help begin the process of biodegradation.

4. Remove the seal from the top capsule, and unpack the components (soil expansion disc, growth medium, and seeds.) Place the growth medium inside the top capsule and leave the expansion disc at the very bottom of the top capsule. We recommend adding additional soil from the site you are planting the Bios Urn, on top of the growth medium. Place the seeds on the very top, and cover the seeds with only a small amount of soil (1/4 inch is generally sufficient.) — Please be advised that some seeds, such as our Tree of Life species, must be planted on the surface of the soil. Be sure to check the planting guide corresponding to your tree choice.

5. Cover the Bios Urn with soil from the surrounding area, and thoroughly water the spot you have planted it. There should be around 1/4 inch to ½ inc of soil on top of the seeds (make sure you don´t place too much on top!) None of the Bios Urn should be exposed, it should all be covered by soil.

Simply plant your urn where you want your tree to grow and take care of it. Always plant all of the urn, which is 100% biodegradable and won’t damage the soil. You can plant your Bios Urn using a seed or a young sprout if you prefer. We generally recommend planting during the appropriate season according to your tree. If you have questions about when to plant your Bios Urn according to your location, message us, and we will assist you with this process.

Remember that Bios Urn can be saved for as much time as you want because it doesn’t have an expiration date. If you don’t plan on using your Bios Urn anytime soon, we recommend getting a Bios Urn without a seed and then adding the seeds when the time for planting comes.

If you have additional questions, comments, or general inquiries, let us know! Feel free to use the comment section of this post to reach us.

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– The Bios Team

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