Pre-Planning: How to Add The Bios Urn To Your End of Life Plans

At the bottom of this post you can download your very own Bios Urn Pre-Planning form to include in your arrangements.

In this post, we will detail how you can pre-plan with the Bios Urn.

To think about life, also entails thinking about the end of life. We hope that in our efforts to normalize the Bios Urn, that we can traverse the taboo of death and highlight the cycle of life. Life, after life.

There has been a surge in pre-planning, and perhaps this is because there is a personal connection present — people find comfort in knowing they will leave this world how they see fit. We may not have a choice in how we choose to enter this world, but we do have some semblance of choice in how we would like to leave it. Pre planning is so important, because it takes the stress off of family members, and it also ensures that you help lock in the prices at current rates.
There are a few ways you can plan to have the Bios Urn included in your end-of-life plans. So how can you pre-plan with the Bios Urn?

Put the Bios Urn in Writing

Separate Writing
The best way to let your loved ones know about your specific funeral wishes is to write down a list of specific instructions or requests in a document that is separate from your will.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance companies can help plan for the inevitable. If your funeral service or options are included in your life insurance plans, you will have the option of choosing for an urn or casket. If you are interested in the Bios Urn being included, please voice this with your Life Insurance provider! The sum from a life insurance policy could help pay for funeral or associated costs. Standard life insurance does increase in price as you get older.

Funeral Plan
The cost of funerals has been rising steadily and rapidly, which is why paying for yours upfront in agreed upon monthly installments could help provide comfort and less stress. Different plans cover different things, such as cremation, etc so it’s best to choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Tell your family and friends
Letting your wishes be known is a powerful way of communicating how you would like to leave this world. Try to open up the conversation, and be open with your friends and family about what suits your needs.

Funeral Homes / Funeral Directors / Life Celebrants
If you have a funeral home, funeral director, or life celebrant that you are working with you can make arrangements to have the Bios Urn added into your plans.

Estate Attorney or Estate Planning Firm
Working with an Estate Attorney, or planning for an estate will also allow you to specify what you would like for your end-of-life plans, including specifics about your funeral, or last wishes.

Written or online will
You can visit an attorney in person to make a will, or you can create one simply and easily online using a number of various websites. The procedure for making a will online is very simple, and stress-free. In your will, you can include the Bios Urn in your plans, as well as any other funeral arrangements or memorial service you would be interested in having. This will help family members know when the time comes. Please note* the will should be an additional thing, as generally by the time they are read, the funeral has already been completed.

Customize, choose your tree!

Generally, when you make plans in your will you will need to or can include information related to the service as a whole.
Pre-planning your funeral, and for the Bios Urn should include the following:

– Choose your ceremony and/or service options (if you want one)
– Personalize with any preferences for music, food, flowers, technology and other personal touches you want
– Select the Bios Urn, and your tree of choice
– Decide where you want your Bios Urn and tree to be planted


Many people think that the Bios Urn is generally purchased at the time a person or pet passes away, but that´s not always the case. Many of the individuals who acquire a Bios Urn do so for themselves in advance, as a form of pre-planning (or as we like to call it pre-planting.) Buying the Bios Urn while pre-planning is in some ways self-assertion, as you are choosing to connect yourself with not just a product, but an idea and a movement. As the Bios Urn has no expiration date, it can be saved for as long as you would like. If you are purchasing the Bios Urn in advance as part of your pre-planning, we recommend purchasing one without seeds. You can specify in your will or to your family which tree you would like! Word of mouth and putting it in paper can be useful to help them. The Bios Urn is 100% compatible with all tree species, and can be used with any you desire. It’s best to aim for native or common tree species, to support the local environment. Keeping the Bios Urn on hand could help those who are preparing or handling the funeral, as there will be less stress to deal with all the details. You can choose to pre-purchase the Bios Urn yourself, or can have the funeral home you work with do it for you.

In the U.S – Under the FTC funeral rule, you have a right to purchase any products of your own, and a funeral home or crematorium is legally obligated to use the products of your choice at no additional cost.

Choose a Planting Spot

The Bios Urn can be planted in a number of locations and places all over. We wrote a post about safe places to plant the Bios Urn, which include private property, backyards, gardens, planters / garden pots, the Bios Incube, in memorial gardens, green burial grounds, some cemeteries, and in some forests or national parks.

Here are some examples of where Bios Urn customers have planted their trees!

Matthieu planted his Bios Urn in a Forest
Susan planted her Bios Urn in her front yard
Jay planted his Bios Urn on his family’s land
Sumi planted her Bios Urn in a garden planter
Tomas planted his Bios Urn in a park

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    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Marcia, there can be restrictions. Generally you can plant in a park if the planting is away from roads or construction areas, as well as main trails. Each state and park does differ however, so prior authorization may be required as it is public land.

  1. Mary Paladino says

    I would like information mailed to my home address, if possible. I will supply my addresss upon your reply.
    Thank you.

  2. Melinda says

    Great idea! I am very interested. I would love to have a brochure mailed to me with all options, and prices. Please contact me for my address.

  3. Panaah says

    besides all these interpretations about death and life what is the special trait of the trees which you sell. are they special or they are normal tress? thank you for answering.

    • Bios Urn says

      Hi Panaah! The trees are normal trees. You can also use any tree you would like. We recommend choosing one which holds meaning, and which is native to the area you would like to plant it in.

  4. Rosemary says

    Can you do this after donating your body to science? My husband and I would like to do the most good, and plan on being an organ donar first (if possible), then to donate entire body to the state school program for educational purposes (which I believe involve formaldehyde) and they cremate upon request at the finish. Can we do your tree urn after that, or does the formaldehyde affect the tree growth?
    And please mail me information to my house also. Thank you! Love this idea

  5. James McCarron says

    Hello I live in the UK and I was intending on having my ashes put into the sea as I used to be a fisherman on a trawler .
    I have a funeral plan in place and I also have my late wife’s ashes here with me which would be going with me.
    However after reading your article I think that it’s a great idea and it is very good to see people thinking about helping the environment so once again well done in coming up with a great alternative

  6. Daniel Powers says

    Please send all information I will need to decide how to do this, price, types of trees used, any and all paperwork needed.
    Thank you.

  7. Heather Ruka says

    I live in australia but would like to be buried in New Zealand. Are there restrictions on taking them international.
    Could i also be emailed ferther information

  8. Ellayne says

    I am very interested. I would love to have a brochure mailed to me with all options and prices. Please contact me for my address.

  9. Kristin Riveness says

    I am very interested in Bio Urns…This sounds like a Beautiful way to say Goodbye, yet bring forth life! Please send me more info and prices..I would love to be involved…

  10. Lee Ann Tincher says

    This is exactly what we have talked about doing. We have pre-paid for cremation and services, including urns. I am assuming we can substitute these urns for the pre-paid ones? Please send info so we can take it to our funeral plan rep to integrate into our plans. Also info on pet Bios Urns. Thank you.

  11. Ana Whelan says

    I am really excited with the possibility of helping the environment for a better and cleaner world for my grandchildren.

  12. Samantha says

    Can you please send me details of prices? I am in England…. Are there retailers here? This is just such an amazing idea…. Thank you!!

  13. Sonia Fagg says

    This seems like a wonderful idea. I would like more information on it as I’ve been in touch with a local Funeral Home regarding preparations for
    myself. They are currently in the process of having my husbands ashes placed in an urn for inurnment at Arlington and I’ve been worrying about where I would have my ashes placed. This would give my children much less worry and they would be able to make a decision on where to place my tree that would be comfortable for all of them. Please send your available literature so I can provide it to the funeral director.
    Thank you.

    • Bios Urn says

      Hi Sonia! Thank you for sharing this with us. We are humbled you relate to Bios Urn, and send our love and support to you and your family.
      We are emailing you now.

  14. Nancy Richard says

    What a beautiful idea! Would you please send more information with total price including the urn and all other costs. Thanks so much!

  15. Lyn Lyon says

    I would like the complete info and forms for having the university that will claim my remains then cremate me, to be instructed to my being interred into the biourn for planting. Also, are the trees just seeds? If so, what guarantee is there they will grow into a tree? Thank you. Address forthcoming in email reply .

    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Lyn, we are going to email you the form needed now. We have seeds (which have a 90% germination rate) and we do offer a few seedling options (in the U.S, U.K, and Europe currently) which are not on our website, but we do have them!
      With that said, the Bios Urn can be used with any kind of tree choice.

  16. Cyd Gordon-Goldberg says

    I would like to have a brochure sent to my home if possible. I think this is definitely the way to go.

  17. SIGRID WOLFF says

    Hi, Please send more information/ details along with prices (US $ ?) to me . Thanks so much. I want to share with my family .

  18. Claudette Ernst says

    Could you please send me the information and the prices. We live in Saskatchewan Canada. Thank You.

  19. Jeri says

    Your article mentions pre-purchasing the Bios Urn without seeds for pre-planning purposes. Where would we be able to acquire the seed once it is needed? From Bios Urn or another source?

    • Bios Urn says

      Yes Jeri! We can sends seeds, or you can leave information regarding your chosen tree type 🙂

  20. Tanaya Brown says

    I have been talking with my family about this for a while now. They all think I am crazy but that is because they have not really seen the idea presented to them and think it is going to be outrageously priced. When the life ins agents were here we told them that this was our option and everyone just looked at us like we were nuts. Within the last 6 yrs I have lost my mothers youngest brothers and their ashes are just sitting here in my mothers room. I think she might really like this idea for them plus I would like this information for my parents to consider. However, I do know that I would love it if you could send me some brochures to have for myself and husband to preorder for ourselves but also I am big on giving back to mother nature and feel if more people heard of this they would choose this. Is it bad that I want to share this with so many others?
    Please send me some brochures regarding this information.

  21. Daniel Powers says

    I just recently made arrangements to be cremated, now seeing this I may want to use your product. Would send me all info regarding your product , along with all pricing. I live in Southern California if this makes a difference. Thank you, Dan

  22. Daniel Powers says

    Would you please re-send me the information again, I accidentally deleted it when I tried to save it. Thank you.

    • Bios Urn says

      Our Bios Urn can be used with any amount of ash, regardless of how little or how old. So from our product perspective, you can definitely transfer part of the ashes to our urn. Let us know if we can answer any more questions!

    • Bios Urn says

      Hola Ismael. Enviamos a todo el mundo! Puedes comprar una Urna Bios en nuestra página web y te la enviaremos a Mexico. Si estas interesado en ser distribuidor para tu país, puedes contactar con el equipo en [email protected]. ¡Esperamos que esta información le sea útil!

  23. Antoinette Pampena says

    hello could you also email me the pre-planning guide. Also how would my family know where to go to have a tree sapling started with my bio-urn ashes, I was wondering if a garden centre or garden nursery would do it, any suggestions. thank you

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