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As always, Bios Urn ® has been getting a lot of interesting press coverage and we thought you may like to see some of the latest press clippings.

Every journalist has a different take on the Bios Urn ® idea and the ever-changing funeral industry which is always very interesting to read.

Being the pioneering company to have created the very first biodegradable urn in the world and the only one to introduce the idea of ​​planting a tree with the remains obtained after cremation, the brand has become quite the reference in the media.

So let’s see what the press is saying about our tree urns!


What the press is saying about Bios Urn ®



The Future of Death Tech

“The death of a friend or family member can be one of the most traumatizing experiences of one’s life. In recent months, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have come to realize the importance of coming together emotionally, while staying physically apart. This has led to death tech startups introducing technologies that allow mourners to deal with death in new, compassionate, and even more environmentally sustainable ways…” Continue reading FORBES article here


What the press is saying about Bios Urn : our tree urns are in the press !




The technologies breathing life back into the death business

“Companies have seen a surge in demand during the pandemic as people make plans for the end of their lives…” Continue reading The Telegraph article here


What the press is saying about Bios Urn : our tree urns are in the Telegraph





Upon My Death, Play the Following Messages

MIDWAY THROUGH HIS thirties, Tom Ainsworth realized he was going to die. Of course, he always knew. Death comes for all of us—those are the rules. But when his own father passed away, in 2011, and then his close friend a few years later, it suddenly hit him over the head like a cartoon anvil. One day he, too, would leave everything he loved behind. Not right away. Or, maybe right away. Who could know? He had to start preparing…” Continue reading WIRED article here


What the press is saying about Bios Urn : our tree urns are in WIRED magazine



First ‘Bios Park’ That Lets Us Bury Cremated Remains of Our Loved Ones So They Grow into Trees

“For the last 23 years, green funerary company Bios has been coming up with new ways to help people mourn their loved ones without using traditional burial methods that are notoriously expensive and harmful for the environment…. ” Continue reading here



What the press is saying about Bios Urn ® around the world!


Durable AfterlifeFuture Nomads / The Netherlands

Dans la nature, dans un arbre, dans l’espace… Que peut-on faire des cendres d’un défunt ?20 minutes / France

Corpo se transforma em árvore –  OTempo /  Brasil

Ekologiczny pochówek sposobem na pandemię? Z prochów zmarłych mogą powstawać… drzewaNa Temat / Poland

La urna biodegradable para convertirse en un árbol – Radio Interview for RTVE Marca España program / Spain

Тренды похоронной индустрии: стать деревом или чат-ботом после смерти Trends RBC / Russia

Emprendimiento: Urnas permiten que tu mascota fallecida se convierta en un árbol Perú21 /  Peru


And Bios Urn® featured in its first movie!

French film director, Francis Renaud, filmed the movie Première Ligne (translated as Front Line) at the very beginning of the pandemic, using only a smartphone due to the confinement restrictions that took over our planet.

It follows the story of a nurse, confined during lockdown with her nine-year-old daughter, who sees her daily life completely turned upside down. Watch the trailer here.

It was subsequently nominated at the Polar Cognac film awards and Renaud hopes to send it to the Cannes Festival selection.

We are very proud that our very own Bios Urn® features in the independent movie, which you can watch for free here (only available in French at present).


Bios Urn in the press : film Premiere Ligne



What do you think of what the press is saying about Bios Urn ® ? We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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