Sakari Planted Her Fiancé’s Bios Urn With an Oak Tree

“Think of the fierce energy concentrated in an acorn! You bury it in the ground, and it explodes into an oak!”

― George Bernard Shaw

Sakari met her boyfriend Scott Eckman in 2004, and the pair instantly clicked. They would go on to spend the next five years of their lives together, leading to their engagement and further plans of marriage down the line. Sakari describes Scott as her first love and first serious boyfriend – a person she envisioned living with and growing with for years to come. Unfortunately, one year before they were set to be wed, Scott passed away unexpectedly in 2009. He was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle and their lives changed forever after that day.

Following Scott’s cremation, Sakari held onto his ashes for a few years not knowing what to do with them. A few years later and by chance, Sakari discovered the Bios Urn on Facebook and was immediately drawn to the concept and product. She ended up sending information about the Bios Urn to Scott’s family, who also believed this would be a great way to celebrate his life and honor him. Subsequently, Sakari ended up purchasing a Bios Urn for Scott, and decided to plant Scott’s Bios Urn in 2014, in her mother’s backyard which is a fitting and peaceful place that she can visit as often as she would like.

Because Scott was my first love and my first death, my life literally went into shambles. He became the only thing that represented anything good. In order to continue coping with what my life has become, I needed other ways to connect with him positively.

Sakari chose a Northern Red Oak for Scott, because it represents resilience and strength and that was a perfect metaphor for how she felt about Scott, as she described him as her “rock.”

Sakari's quote about using Bios Urn for her fiance, scott

Each Bios Urn planting is unique

Each planting, each location, is specific to the individual and family, and no two Bios Urns in the world are the same. That´s the beauty of these stories, there is a sense of autonomy and choice. Dealing with loss is always hard, and tends to send life in an unknown and often confusing direction. One thing we believe at Bios Urn, is that people see the beauty of life expressed in nature, and in trees. How we connect with these cycles and these stages is personal into and of itself, but the important thing is that we all connect. Our only hope is to provide comfort and a positive alternative to those who have experienced loss, and to provide a voice for those willing to share their unique stories.

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