You Can Donate Your Body To Science and Then Use a Bios Urn

Donating your body to science. Why do people do it, and what does it help?

Donating your body can come with many benefits. For those who don’t mind the process, body donation can help improve medical treatments and lead way to new research. Typically bodies are used for academia and research, especially when it comes to trying to understand certain diseases, and how these diseases affect the human body. The process of donation is thought to significantly help advance science, research, medicine, and other interconnected fields of research.

Anyone, regardless of if they have tattoos, pacemakers, or other physical alterations is welcome to donate, and there is no age limit applied. Often times, researchers are keen on finding those who have a specific illness or disease, as it could help advance their studies in being able to find out how best to cure it.

There are many programs which can be found through schools, or through private companies. Do your research and see which you feel is the best fit for you. Before signing up for a program, you can also request a registration packet to see how it works.
You can choose body donation as part of your pre-planning arrangements. We recommend checking out a few, and seeing which best suit your interests!

The benefits of choosing body donation or a similar program in advance, is that it also helps your family be prepared when the time comes, as they are able to honor your last wishes!

Using the rest of the cremated ashes with a Bios Urn

Another advantage of donating your body, aside from science and medicine, is that is can help with funeral fees. For those who are unable to afford a burial or cremation, this option could be a good solution as generally body donation comes with free cremation services. While each body donation program may vary slightly, they all provide transportation, cremation, copies of death certificates, and the return of the cremated remains – free of charge.

What many people have often wondered is if you can use the Bios Urn with cremated remains, after donating your body to science, and the answer is YES. Giving to science is one way to give back, and giving to the earth is another way to give back and both compliment each other. The Bios Urn can be used with any amount of ash from cremation, so it would work even with the smallest. If you, or your family has decided on body donation and would like to use a Bios Urn, let us know. It’s best to add both options to your pre-planning arrangements, so that everything is in order.

What are your thoughts on body donation, and using the cremated ashes with a Bios Urn?

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