When it comes to ashes: All you need to know with the Bios Urn

Bios Urn Biodegradable Urn

The Bios Urn is a return to life through nature.


How much ash can the Bios Urn hold?

A common question we often receive from people all over the world is related to the amount of ash that can be used in the Bios Urn. The Bios Urn has a capacity to hold 220 cubic inches of ash, and is approximately 2.5 liters. The urn is designed to hold all of the cremated remains that result from cremation. You can fill the urn, or only use a small portion. The memorial tree will grow well in either instance. You can utilize all of the ash, or just a portion of the ash – the choice is ultimately yours.

Can I use a small amount of ash?

The Bios Urn can also be used with a smaller portion, or a symbolic amount. Often times, families and individuals choose to split ashes. Even with a smaller amount of ash, the Bios Urn will still work perfectly and produce the desired effect. If you decide to use a smaller amount of ash, we recommend filling the remainder of the Bios Urn with soil from the area you are planting it in. Adding soil will help the ash and soil acclimate to one another and aid in overall growth.

Can I use the Bios Urn with old ash?

The Bios Urn can be used with any ash, regardless of how little, or how old. The age of the ash does not affect the growth of the tree, or the Bios Urn planting process. Thanks to its special lock mechanism, the ash can be transferred into the Bios Urn by a crematorium directly and handed back to you ready to plant. You can also fill the urn yourself as well.

Can I split the ash into more than one Bios Urn?

We have spoken with many people all over the world who have also purchased more than one Bios Urn, so that they can plant multiple trees in different locations or areas. Often times families may want to each have a tree growing in memory of a loved one, and by splitting ashes into two Bios Urns, you can plant them in multiple locations, with different tree options.

For information on how to plant your Bios Urn, you can refer to this page with pictures and instructions of the process.

Have any other questions about how the Bios Urn works? Feel free to drop us a line below or message us. 

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