Pre-planting: The importance of end-of-life planning

Pre-planning, or as we like to call it “Pre-planting”

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in overall awareness related to alternative endings. People´s desires and last wishes have changed, and many individuals and families are opting for sustainable options – which is making many cemeteries rethink things. Alongside these changes, there has been a shift in consciousness, and younger generations are gearing up and preparing their own end-of-life plans. In part this awareness could be due to the rise of the internet, which has made sharing ideas easier and more accessible to persons of all age ranges.

A year ago in 2016, we received an email from a young girl who was only 14 years old. She found out about the Bios Urn®, and took the time to research our company and message us. In her message she asked us if we could make sure that she was planted with a Bios Urn® in the case of her untimely demise. Would she need to start a will? How could she go about doing it? All poignant questions coming from an adolescent girl. We were so excited to receive this e-mail, and it touched us to know that we had created something which this young individual on the other side of the world resonated with so much, that she made an informed decision on how she would like to leave this world — at 14.

Many people think that the Bios Urn® is generally purchased at the time a person or pet passes away, but that´s not always the case. Many of the individuals who acquire a Bios Urn® do so for themselves in advance, as a form of pre-planning (or as we like to call it, pre-planting)  Buying the Bios Urn® while pre-planning is in some ways self-assertion, as you are choosing to connect yourself with not just a product, but an idea and a movement. There has been a surge in pre-planning, and perhaps this is because there is a personal connection present — people find comfort in knowing they will leave this world how they see fit. We may not have a choice in how we choose to enter this world, but we do have some semblance of choice in how we would like to leave it.

To think about life, also entails thinking about the end of life. We hope that in our efforts to normalize the Bios Urn®, that we can traverse the taboo of death and highlight the cycle of life. Life, after life.

“I read about the Bios Urn® awhile ago and decided that it is a very good idea, so I signed up for emails and have told some friends about this. We are 63 years old now, still working and very healthy, but among our friends we do talk about health and sickness and death etc. I also do a lot of thinking and forward planning all my life. I would like to become a tree myself too! It is so ecological and good for my spirit.” – Rebecca S.

Expiration date

The Bios Urn® does not have an expiration date. Thanks to the materials used to create the Bios Urn®, you can keep the urn indefinitely. To favour its preservation, we recommend storing the urn in a dry place away from extreme heat, or humidity. If you don’t plan on using your urn anytime soon, we recommend getting a Bios Urn® without seed. You can acquire your preferred seeds when they are needed, or we can send them at a separate time if need be. You can find out more about the Bios Urn® and how to use it here. The Bios Urn® is $140 U.S Dollars.

Let it be known

You can easily make a will online using numerous websites which tailor your will to match your unique needs. In your will, you can place the option to use a Bios Urn® Biodegradable Urn, and you can even include the type of tree you would like to be, or some options for where you would like the urn to be planted. If you have an estate planner, or work with a life insurance company, you can also request to have a Bios Urn® used as well. Email us if you would like some options for requesting the Bios Urn®, or how to go about planning for yourself.
Another thing that we recommend is telling your family or friends. Word of mouth is a strong way to let your wishes be known.

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  1. Liz Cava says

    How much does this cost? I’d like to sign up, but you don’t have any information on the costs to get this done.

  2. Sue Walsh says

    Where can these be planted? Are there laws and regulations that have to be followed? Can they be planted in a cemetery?

      • Jody Kraynak says

        Could you make that info publicly available or send me a link?
        I’ve been telling my husband, children, family, for years now that I want to be planted in a biosurn at Hickory Run State Park where my husband and I had our fist date, our children grew up at their campgrounds, trails and beach,some of our greatest memories! I tell them they can plant me and come once a year, have a cookout, share the memories and reflect on how big I’m growing! Truth is I don’t even know if they’d be legally allowed to do this?!

  3. Linda Carlene Prior says

    I would also like info on Laws and Locations to Plant. who needs to care for tree after it is planted. 1 of my choices is a forest at Rocky point, Lake of the woods… what guarantees, that these Trees will Live, for my gran a great grans on and on. to visit. and not to Die.? also choosing my own seeds? how is this? planted???

    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Linda, we would be happy to send you some information on planting locations and info. We are sending some now to your email 🙂
      trees are natural living organisms, which may require some care the first year of planting – so it is good to elect someone who can care for it the first year of growth, or plant it in a location where it can receive necessary care.

      You can choose your own seed or seedling! We offer a variety of seeds, but you can also leave notice in your will as to which seeds you would like planted, and even where you would like to be planted.

  4. Clint Poole says

    What are the typical options to plant the Urn if you don’t have any particular place you want to be placed. I want to use a product like yours and be placed somewhere in southeast Michigan where the tree would be protected from being cut down for any reason other than safety.

  5. Gabriela C. Sperino says

    How much does it cost to sing up? and are there any laws and regulations on where to plant the Bios Urn?

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