Life After Life: Some of the first people in the world to use a Bios Urn can’t be loaded: Bios Urn Stories (     In May of 2015, a new adventure took place in California. We decided to meet some of the first people to purchase and use a Bios Urn. During a few weeks we had the privilege of speaking with these individuals about their experiences with life […]

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Constance Flannery

Constance Planted Her Bios Urn in her backyard in San Francisco can’t be loaded: Bios Urn Stories – Constance Flannery (   Constance Flannery was married to her husband Owen for 45 years. When Owen passed away in 2014 from a heart attack,  Constance decided to use a Bios Urn to plant his cremated […]

John Garruto

John Garruto´s mother passed away in 2014, and we had the chance to speak to him in 2015 about his experience using the Bios Urn for his mother. During our conversation from him, we learned that his mother was a woman who spent nearly 13-14 hours outside everyday, and that he really felt like the […]

The Bios Urn: creating new life after death

Do you want your to feed the squirrels, or help surrounding wildlife? Did you know that trees not only help surrounding environments, but they also help maintain the equilibrium of local ecology and wildlife? Once your beloved has departed and the only memento that remains is ashes, you can throw them into the sea, keep […]