How Does A Bios Urn® Work Without Ashes

Sometimes people wish for their organs to be donated to science, and cremation is not an option. For others, it’s against their faith to be cremated.

There are many personal situations in which cremation is not possible, and yet it may be that the person loves the Bios Urn concept and would love to be planted as a tree for family and friends to visit after they pass.

In these cases, is it still possible to use a tree urn without ashes?

The answer is yes!


How Does Bios Urn Work Without Ashes

There is a way you can use our urns without using ashes!

Instead of ashes, you can use anything that is biodegradable which is special or symbolic to the person. This could be photos, drawings, letters and objects that degrade over time and do not pollute the ground, allowing you to remember your loved-one.

It’s a bit like a time capsule which is where newspapers and objects that have a meaning to someone are put in a box and buried as a way to keep those memories alive. The only important thing to remember when preparing your tree urn is for every single item included in the urn be 100% biodegradable so nothing other that paper, cardboard or something edible (which does not include any animal produce).


How To Use Our Tree Urn Without Ashes

The Bios Urn ® is composed of two capsules. The lower portion of the urn was designed to hold the ashes and the upper capsule holds a special expansion soil disc made of coconut-peat, recycled paper and vermiculite. It will also hold the seed or seedling of your choice which will grow into a tree as a way for your loved-one to be remembered. 

So instead of filling the lower capsule of the Bios Urn ® with cremains, this is where you would place your biodegradable items.

The Bios Urn ® has total seed and seedling compatibility with any tree or plant species around the world so that every single person and family can choose a seed or seedling which is meaningful to them and adapts perfectly to their region.

You can read the full instructions on how to plant the Bios Urn here.


How does a Bios Urn work without ashes

How the tree urn works. Image source: Bios Urn


In this way, our hope is that this makes a biodegradable tree option an alternative for everyone who likes the idea!


What do you think of this way on how does a Bios Urn works without ashes? Or maybe you have already planted a Bios Urn this way? We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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