Record-Breaking Supermoon Like This Won’t Come Again Until 2034

On November 14, 2016, people all over the world will be treated to the supermoon of the century. The supermoon that will appear on November 14th is predicted to be so big, that it´s even being hailed as an extra supermoon. While supermoons aren´t entirely uncommon, this full supermoon will be the closest to the […]

The Albino Redwood

Some of you may know the “Little snowflake”, an albino western Iwoland Gorilla. He was somewhat of a celebrity at the Barcelona Zoo, where he lived in captivity from 1966 until its death on 2003. Well, everyone knows why “little snowflake” was so special, he was the only white (albino) gorilla in the world. But […]

Nature reclaims this abandoned Chinese village

China has become one of the biggest industrialized nations of earth. Cities like Shanghai or Beijing are growing while bringing highly urbanized and crowded scenarios. But it was not a long time ago when China was the place for hundreds of small, tiny rural villages. They question is, where have all they gone? Tang Yuhong […]

Centenary Tree canopy Walkway

Your dream was to be an astronaut but you failed? Well, do not despair! There is still a way for you to watch the world from above. In fact, there is a “strange snake” in South Africa that will bring you to the top of the world, or pretty close. No strange rituals or magic […]

Bottle gardens and the mystery of life

Do you love plants but you are not a green thumb genius? If you answered yes to the question and you still don’t have plans for your next Easter holidays, you should absolutely read the story of David Latimer hereafter and take inspiration from it for your Easter Sunday. Bottle gardens, also known as terranium, […]

Oxygen, the secret formula for human life

When I started writing this post, I did what everybody usually does when looking for information: I typed my key word “oxygen” in Google. I expected to find images of trees and forests but the result that caught my attention was quite unexpected. An astronaut was greeting me saying: “Oxygen is a big deal”. Clicking […]

Incredible natural Phenomena

Nature never ceases to amaze us. There are many phenomena produced by nature around our planet that are truly wonderful. We want to show you some examples of these: Great blue hole       The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole (or a blue hole) off the coast of Belize. The hole […]