Floating Forest in Rotterdam Features Twenty Live Trees

On March 16, 2016,  twenty floating trees were installed in the Rotterdam´s historic harbor basin, Rijnhaven. The idea for this floating tree installation was inspired by sculptor Jorge Bakker. In the 1970´s, Bakker created an art piece which featured trees floating in a small aquarium. This ¨bobbing forest¨, also known as Dobberend, will stay in […]

Nature reclaims this abandoned Chinese fishing village

China has become one of the biggest industrialized nations of earth. Cities like Shanghai or Beijing are growing while bringing highly urbanized and crowded scenarios. But it was not a long time ago when China was the place for hundreds of small, tiny rural villages. They question is, where have all they gone? Tang Yuhong […]

The people on trees

When we were children, we all had a common dream: a tree house. Based on the success that tree houses have on airbnb, a popular website for people to rent out lodging, this desire is still present in many grown-up children. In a forest near the Italian city of Turin, there is a child who […]

One person can make a difference

From the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) a group of students produced a video called “Saving Trees” featuring David Milarch. David’s story shows that one person can make a difference. Ian Kast, Chad Rodgers, Rick Iseppi, Lindsey VanDenBoom, Olga Sarayeva, Atikh Bana and Joe Buckenmeyer, worked together to conceive and create a compelling story about David Milarch […]

Some of the Creepiest and Scariest Forests in The Whole World

Screaming Woods – Great Britain This forest is located near Pluckley, the village defined as the most haunted  in Britain. The forest, situated in Kent, is also known as Dering Woods. However, it gained the nickname of “Screaming Woods” because if you are brave enough to get into the forest at night (sometimes even during […]

The top three creepiest forests in the world

  We love the beauty of trees, and the charm of the forest and we love to be in touch with the nature. We´re also very curious and we like to explore and discover new places related to the environment and to earth. And sometimes we find things that outright shock us. Let’s forget about […]