How Our Dead Family Pet Became A Tree

Recently, we came across a beautiful post written by Ben Lee entitled “How Our Dead Family Pet Became A Tree.” In this post written by Ben, he details his and his family’s experience of losing their beloved 13 year old Pekingese, and how they handled the process of what came next, especially with their children. […]

World´s Only Known Albino Gorilla Buried In A Bios Urn

“Little Snowflake,” The Albino Gorilla “Little Snowflake” (Copito De Nieve) was the world´s only known albino gorilla. He lived in the Barcelona Zoo for a majority of its life. Snowflake was captured in Equatorial Guinea in 1966 and then transferred to the Barcelona Zoo. He lived nearly 40 years in the zoo, and was its […]