One Of The World’s First Pet Crematoriums To Offer The Bios Urn Pets ®


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France, French poet, literature Nobel prize 1921.

This is the first thing you see when you go on the Everpet website, a pet crematorium located in Madrid, Spain.

Their reason for opening is to serve the people who share their lives with their pets, who take care of them and love them from the moment they arrive into their family until the time of farewell. Their mission is that this last moment marks the start of a new cycle, the circle of life.

This young company also has a clear ecological vocation: respect for nature and respect for the environment.

It is one of the first pet crematoriums in the world to offer the Bios Urn Pets ®, the new pet urn by Bios Urn ®.


Interview with one of the world’s first pet crematoriums to offer the Bios Urn Pets ®

Hello, we are Everpet, a pet crematorium located in Collado Villalba, Madrid, dedicated to the individual cremation of pets.

In the event that this is the first time you have heard of an animal crematorium and you have doubts about it, you are not alone as it is still a fairly new service. For our part, we cremate the animal and return the ashes to its owner in a pet urn with the cremation certificate. We also give it an imprint that we make out of clay.


Bios Urn Pets ® is a biodegradable urn to hold the ashes of your pet and transform them into a tree, by Bios Urn ®

There are more and more pet crematoriums in Spain and around the world. Image source: Bios Urn ®


Luís and I (Joaquín), created this company in 2016. We shaped it from the start, we saw what our customers needed and we tried to make this trance as simple as possible for them.

The funeral industry for pets is currently developing a lot. It has taken time for people to realize that our pets are part of our family, but more and more people see it that way.

The current options in Spain for the owner of an animal who has passed, as well as in many countries in the world, are:

  • You can leave your animal with the veterinarian after their death. Depending on the veterinarian, they will either deal with the corpse through pet crematoriums, or if they have a permit, they can also take it to landfills.
  • You can chose to contact an animal crematorium directly, one like Everpet. There are two types of cremation for animals to chose from: individual or collective. An individual cremation is where the animal is cremated alone and the ashes are returned to it´s owner. In a collective cremation, several animals are cremated at the same time, meaning it is not always possible to return the ashes to the owner because they cannot be differentiated.

There is a greater demand now for pet urns such as the Bios Urn Pets ®, as we are increasingly treating our loyal companions as one more member of the family. The loss of an animal in some cases leads to grief very similar to that of a person.

In fact, we see that the funeral trends in the pet world are very similar to those of people: some make jewelry with their DNA, others make diamonds with their fur, and of course many chose to plant the ashes in a biodegradable urn which transform them into a tree in the after-life. In this way, it is possible to continue to see them grow next to you, an idea that is very comforting for a lot of our customers.


Everpet, one of the first pet crematoriums in the world to offer the Bios Urn Pets ®, the urn for pets by Bios Urn ®

Bios Urn Pets ®, the biodegradable pet urn to hold your pet’s ashes and turn them into a tree. Image source: Bios Urn ®


In Spain, as in many countries, the death of a pet is treated differently depending on each person. There are more and more people who perform the same ritual as for a loved one. They come to pet crematoriums, say goodbye to their loyal companion before the process and when it’s over, they take their ashes home with them in their pet urn.

We actually first heard of the Bios Urn ®  for people and we marketed it for pets, but the format was a bit too big for small animals like a kitten or a ferret. We loved it when the new Bios Urn Pets ® was released because it is much more suitable for pets, especially smaller ones.

The legal question of where you can plant the urns depends on each burrow here in Spain (Comunidad Autónoma) that regulates this matter. Being completely biodegradable and the cremation ashes being completely harmless, there should be no problem planting it anywhere. But it is still advisable to check the local legislation with your council or mayor´s office before doing so.

We really loved the Bios Urn concept from the start, the fact that your pet can ve returned to nature as a tree is very beautiful.

We ourselves have pets and when the time comes, it seems to us the best way to proceed, both for our pets and for ourselves. In my personal opinion, I would much prefer to see my loved ones growing as trees instead of going to a cemetery, with all my respect for those who prefer to go to the cemetery, everyone may do according to their beliefs or personal tastes.


Why plant the remains of your loyal pet as a tree?

As Everpet’s experience shows, losing a pet can be like losing a family member.

Our pets show us unconditional love. And although we don’t speak the same language, there is an unbreakable trust between a pet and his or her family.




Everpet is one of the first pet crematoriums in the world to offer the Bios Urn Pets

Your Pet’s Ashes Can Be Planted Into A Tree Urn. Image source: Everpet


The loss of a pet can be a very profound experience – and more often than not, we are left not knowing the best way to honor them once they pass.

During such a heart-breaking time, many people seek out options open to them to keep their beloved companion close to home. This is how many discover the Bios Urn Pets® which is designed to provide a loving, living reminder of shared love with our life-long friends.

If you’ve recently lost your beloved pet and are looking for ideas for what to do with their ashes, our pet urn could be an option that gives you some comfort in these difficult times. You can read all the benefits of planting your pet into tree urn and returning them to nature here.


Many thanks to Everpet in Madrid for believing so much in the Bios Urn for pets ® and for offering ecological solutions to people who share their lives with their pets, who take care of them and love them until that final farewell.


Did you know that pet crematoriums existed for animals? Or maybe you have already used one?

We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below and hear about any of your personal experiences!

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