Most Read Bios Blog Posts of 2020 !


Of course, 2020 will be remembered for all of us as the year when the world shifted following the global pandemic. We don´t want to dwell on something that we hear about and see everyday – the struggle is continuous for us all. Hopefully the arrival of the 2021 will be, for many, a symbol of hope for the new year ahead. And we also hope that some positive things, big or small, happened for you in 2020.

If we look back at the positive of the last 12 months, it has been a year for launches at Bios. If you have been following us, you may have seen the launch of the new Bios Urn ® design as well as our new branding and our new website. Then came the new Bios Urn Pets ® and the new colors of our planter the Bios Incube Lite ®. We finally announced the launch of Bios Parks ® (filming the video was fun! Check it out here if you haven´t seen it yet!).

During this time, we also wrote and published over 35 Bios Blog posts! You can find each one in English, French and Spanish. We hope that you found some of the topics interesting.

In case you missed any, here are the most-read Bios Blog posts of 2020!


Most Read Bios Blog Posts of 2020

  1. Launch of the new Bios Urn Pets®: Your Pet’s Ashes Can Be Planted Into A Tree Urn
  2. The importance of rituals when grieving and the power of planting a tree
  3. Should I plant a seed or a seedling with my Bios Urn ®?
  4. The very first Bios Park is now open in Canada
  5. Our guides to native trees you can plant with your Bios Urn ® where you live
  6. Cremation is becoming the new norm for end of life practises
  7. Easy houseplants to use with a Bios Urn ®
  8. Why millennials are not afraid to talk about death: The death positive movement
  9. 15 astounding facts about trees
  10. Outdoor plants for planters that survive the cold winter months


Happy reading!


Which was the Bios Blog post that stood out the most for you since you have been following us? And is there anything you would like us to cover in the coming year? We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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  1. paul coulter says

    Thank you. Particularly enjoyed articles on: (4) “First Bios Park/Granby” & (6) “Cremation the new norm”.

    • Bios Urn says

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write and let us know Paul, we really appreciate it. Hopefully we can carry on writing about things that you will find interesting in the new year! Take care 🌱

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