Discover The New Colors Of The Bios Incube® Lite and How To Use The Planter

The Bios Incube® Lite is cool planter that allows you to grow a tree using the remains of their loved one, right in your own home.

This unique planter is designed to fit all of our urns perfectly and plant them close to you. Both the Bios Urn® and the Bios Urn Pets® work in perfect conjunction with the Bios Incube® Lite: the Urn is planted seamlessly into the planter.

It is perfect for those who lack a natural space to plant their Bios Urn®, who live in temporary locations, or who just prefer to have an indoor tree.


Presenting the new colors of the Bios Incube® Lite!

The Bios Incube® Lite enables you to plant your Bios Urn® close to you, whether that be in your home, on your terrace or in your garden. It’s size, shape, and weight are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It can be kept inside or outside enabling you to ensure that sunlight requirements of the chosen tree or plant are met.

Its design contemporary and minimalist, fitting in with most surroundings. Especially now that it is available in 5 colors! 

The new colors of the Bios Incube® Lite are Cloud White, Moss Green, Sky Blue, Earth Brown or Stone Anthracite:

The new Bios Incube Lite by Bios Urn

The new Bios Incube Lite colors now available. Image source: Bios Urn®


We wanted everyone to be able to chose a planter which fits in with their own personal style.

To find out more about the benefits, check out the 12 reasons to use a Bios Incube® Lite!


How to plant in a Bios Incube® Lite

Planting an urn or plant inside the Bios Incube® Lite is extremely easy. It works in the same way as any standard planter. All you need are some small stones, good quality soil-based compost, your Bios Urn® (which can be kept indefinitely until you are ready to plant) and your chosen seed or seedling. If you are planting from seed, give these important planting tips a read before planting as sometimes your seeds may need a bit of pre-planting care for anything up to 6 weeks to make sure they grow into a big strong tree!

Then you are ready to go! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Gently add about two inches of small stones, broken ceramic or terracotta at the bottom of the container to prevent the drainage hole from getting clogged.
  2. Add a portion of good quality soil-based compost to the bottom of the planter.
  3. Prepare and plant your Bios Urn ® or Bios Urn Pets ® inside the planter following our simple step-by-step planting guide.
  4. Fill in the side gaps of the planter with the remainder of the compost.
  5. Cover the seeds with only a small amount of soil ; 1/4 inch (1cm) is generally sufficient. Make sure you don’t plant the seeds too deeply! None of the Bios Urn® should be exposed, it should all be covered by soil.
  6. Place the white cap in the hole on the upper side. This is simply a design feature and not intended for watering.
  7. Give your tree or plant a lot of TLC and watch it grow close to you! Read our Planting our additional Planting Tips for containers here.


The new Bios Incube Lite by Bios Urn

Image source: Bios Urn®

How to transplant from your Bios Incube® Lite

Regarding how long it can stay in the planter, it really depends on the tree or plant you chose. Once you plant the Bios Urn® in the Bios Incube® Lite, it will biodegrade over time, during which time the tree will be growing.

If you choose a normal tree, once your tree has grown to an appropriate size, we do recommend planting it somewhere natural, such as a forest, or backyard, because trees will only grow in accordance to the volume of their soil. Technically, a tree will reach adequate size within 12-18 months. You can transplant the tree earlier or later. The time period to do so will also depend on the seeds you choose to use.

You can also choose to plant a dwarf tree or plant and leave it in the planter indefinitely. If you decide to plant a dwarf tree, it’s growth will be controlled, but it may still never reach it´s potential size inside the planter and may need transplanting depending on how it’s doing.

Once the tree has grown well and it is more established, this is a good time to choose to transplant it. Ideally at this point you would plant it in the earth so that it´s roots can carry on growing. There are many online tutorials dedicated to tree transplanting, which show the best methods to utilize to transplant a tree without compromising the root ball. We wrote this article about How to Bring Your Bios Urn Tree with you Even if you Move.


What do you think of the new colors of the Bios Incube® Lite? We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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