Bios Urn® Lets Your Pet’s Memory Live On as a Tree

Turn your pets ashes into a living tree.

What many people don´t know is that the Bios Urn® is not just for people, it´s also for pets. When a pet passes away, it can sometimes be extremely difficult trying to find a way to honor them in a respectful and compassionate way. The Bios Urn® has a universal design which allows it to be used with any kind of ash, and with any amount of ash. The loss of a pet can be a very profound experience – and more often than not, we are left not knowing the best way to honor them once they cross the “rainbow bridge.”
If we are lucky, we spend around 5-15 years with our pets, and during that time they become not just companions, but friends.
How can we honor a pet who has passed away? There are so many great ways to honor a pet who has passed on. Aside from a Bios Urn, you can look into getting an engraved garden stone for your pet, which you can place near your pet´s tree as a marker – something that Bryce Roberts did.

Bryce lost his Rottweiler, Sabre, and then became a Bios Urn® distributor

Bryce Roberts, a distributor of Bios Urn® in Western Australia, lost his beloved dog Sabre several years ago and ended up choosing a Bios Urn® for him. After his beloved Rottweiler, Sabre, was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and sadly passed away a short time later, he wanted something more meaningful for Sabre’s ashes rather than just a place on a shelf. Bryce set out to source an alternative option and after many hours of searching finally stumbled upon the Bios Urn® and knew it was the right choice for him. During this time, he became so involved that he ended up becoming a distributor of Bios Urn®! Today Sabre serves as an inspiration for Bryce.

“I no longer focus on Sabre’s passing as being the final stage of his life, as I am spending quality time with him every afternoon. The ‘Bios Urn has really helped me through my grieving process and has given me a sense of relief, closure and comfort. Now I am able to see Sabre flourish into a beautiful natural tree, leaf by leaf.
Bryce from Tree of Memories and his dog Sabre, whom he used a Bios Urn for.

Robert lost his beloved dog Heidi and planted her into a citrus tree

Robert rescued his beautiful great dane in 2009 from the Humane Society in Tampa. He was able to save her just in time, as she was scheduled to be put down. Over the years, Heidi remained Robert´s trusty companion and most faithful friend – seeing him through divorce, loss, and relocations. Robert told us that Heidi even managed to play a part in connecting him with his wife, whom he married after a chance encounter which involved Heidi.

Robert said goodbye to Heidi on May 12th, 2016, after nearly 7 years together. He described it as one of the worst days of his life, and expressed how much he misses her.

After Heidi passed away, Robert was searching for the perfect way to keep her memory going. He felt like doing something special to honor Heidi, and the companion she had been to him over the past decade of his life. During his search, he discovered the Bios Urn® for pets. Robert ended up choosing a Bios Urn®, and selected a unique Cocktail Tree which produces Key Limes and Meyer´s Lemons at the same time. He planted Heidi´s Bios Urn® in a planter in his home.

“Heidi´s spirit will always be around. This tree will provide a living memory every day and I look forward to toasting her with limes pulled from our tree.”

Robert used a Bios urn for his great dane Heidi

The Bios Urn® was used for the only living Albino Gorilla in the world

Some of you may know the “Little snowflake”, an albino western Iwoland Gorilla. He was somewhat of a celebrity at the Barcelona Zoo, where he lived in captivity from 1966 until his death in 2003.

Little Snowflake, the world´s only known albino gorilla, was planted with a Bios Urn
Well, everyone knows why “little snowflake” was so special, he was the only white (albino) gorilla in the world. But what most people don’t know is that he was cremated and planted using a Bios Urn®. When Bios Urn® was just an unknown project, the authorities of the Barcelona zoo decided to contact us to see if we could create an early prototype of the urn and use it to plant a ‘Calodendrum Capense’, a South African tree that can grow to be 20 meters high. They thought it could be a great symbol to memorialize the existence of a unique animal, so they planted little snowflake on a parcel of land in Barcelona’s zoo.

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  1. Lucy Sinclair says

    What a wonderful idea – to commemorate the life of those that have meant so much to us through a tree that will live on in their name.

  2. Maureen Schweickert says

    So many people move from place to place or live in a shared community where it is prohibited to bury animals. While animal themed urns are nice, they can not compare to a living, thriving, changing piece of nature that you can keep with you in memory of the life you shared with your pet. A beautiful potted tree or plant that is mobile, decorative, and in need of some care will provide a sense of ongoing companionship with a beloved pet for many. The benefits are endless!

  3. Bryce Roberts says

    Hi Guys,
    Thank you on the little write up of Sabre and my story. I really am humbled that I have been given the opportunity to bring this amazing product into the lives and homes of people hear in Western Australia. Its has certainly given me a sense of relief, closure and comfort at a very difficult time of losing my boy. R.I.P Sabre….

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