Indoor Trees You Can Use With A Bios Urn®

We often receive many emails from individuals all over the world, who love the idea of the Bios Urn® but would prefer to have an indoor tree due to land restrictions, or because they live in temporary locations. Not only do indoor trees look beautiful and add a touch of color to any space they are placed in, they aslo help purify the air and create both nighttime and daytime oxygen! We’ve compiled a list of beautiful indoor tree options which can be used with a Bios Urn®, in either a planter or in the Bios Incube®.
Here are some tree options that would fare the best for indoor use:

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

  • Overview: This beautiful indoor tree has large forest green leaves, which form the shape of a fiddle! They can grow to be up to 10ft tall.
  • Care required: The Fiddle-Leaf fig tree likes to stay in temperatures between 65-75 fahrenheit. They also enjoy healthy doses of light, but indirect light is best! Water when the top surface of the soil begins to feel dry. These trees are beautiful, but should be avoided if you have cats or dogs in the house.

Rubber Tree

  • Overview: The Rubber tree is easy-to-grow and care for, and can grow to a height of nearly 8 ft.
  • Care required: Keep this tree watered and moist, but avoid overwatering as it can cause the leaves to change color. They enjoy a room with temperatures between 60-75 degrees, and medium light.These trees are beautiful, but should be avoided if you have cats or dogs in the house.

Areca Palm

  • Overview: This pretty palm is a beautiful pop of color to any room. It can grow to about 7ft, or it can stay small if you decide to keep it contained in a smaller container or planter.
  • Care required: The areca palm tends to prefer indirect sunlight, and fairly drier soil levels. Generally it is good to alternate watering every other week. Safe to use if you have pets.

Norfolk Island Pine

  • Overview: The Norfolk Island Pine is a wonderful tree. In nature, they can grow up to 90-100 feet! When planted in a planter they generally grow up to 8-9 feet
  • Care required: The Norfolk Pine requires some basic care. They do not like dry air or extreme heat, so it´s best to keep them moist. You can mist them over summer or during hot period. They tend to prefer bright but indirect sunlight. These trees are beautiful, but should be avoided if you have cats or dogs in the house.


  • Overview: These unique indoor plants require very little attention. These species range from short to tall, so it´s best to choose the one that meets your needs.
  • Care required: Generally, they require relatively little care. They do not need to be watered often, and tend to do best in indirect light. Make sure to water them before the soil dries out too much

Most of the trees or plants listed in this post can be acquired from a local nursery. Below are some other options not listed here which also work as well. Please be sure to check if they are compatible with your household, if you have pets living in them.

      • – Yucca tree
      • – Parlor Palm
      • – Madagascar Dragon Tree
      • – Ficus Tree
      • – Dracaena Anita
      • – Fishtail Palm
      • – Pachira Aquatica
      • – Lemon tree
      • – Diffenbachia
      • – Sakura tree

For planting instructions on how to use the Bios Urn® with any of these trees, simply follow these instructions here.

All of these trees can be used with a Bios Urn® and Bios Incube®, our newest project and product. The Bios Incube® and Bios Urn® can also be used to grow outdoor trees, and assist in overall tree growth. Once an outdoor tree reaches adequate size and growth, it can be easily transplanted to its ultimate location in nature.

Would you prefer to use an indoor tree, or an outdoor tree? If you have any questions, suggestions, or overall comments – please drop them below! If you need help with any of these trees, feel free to message us

Indoor plants by The Sill Nyc

Indoor trees you can grow in your home, using a Bios Urn®. Trees and photos by the sill.

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