«We were looking for an alternative that was not in a cemetery» – Alba’s Bios Story


We receive testimonials from people all over the world that not only touch our hearts, but also touch our souls. Today we share with you Alba’s real-life Bios story.

We are honored when people choose to use a Bios Urn® ​​for a loved one, or even for themselves. At the moment, we are mostly spread through word-of-mouth, the internet (just like Alba here), and through some of our distributors. So thank you for taking the time to share your stories with us. It´s one of the best things about what we do!


Alba’s Real-Life Bios Story

My name is Alba and I am from Barcelona in Spain. We very recently lost my dear grandmother.

We were looking for an alternative for her that was not in a cemetery, since that seems like a cold and ugly place for someone you love to be in. It was by searching online that we discovered the Bios Urn for the very first time. We immediately decided that felt right for our family.

We chose the urn for my grandmother because she had a house full of plants and we thought that the best thing we could do was bring her life back to one of her favorite plants.

So we chose a plant called “Apilistra” which is quite common here in Spain. We chose this species because it is a very sturdy plant, both indoors and outdoors and is one of my grandmother’s favorites. It is a plant that holds up very well and adapts to changes in temperature, so it thrives in the climate here.

We decided to chose a plant rather than a seed and we got it from our local nursery near where we live. We have planted it in a large pot and for the time being, my grandmother is on my mother’s balcony. We all agreed that she is the one who will take better care of the plant, you wouldn’t say that my sister and I have green fingers 🙂

The plant does not need any kind of special care, only to be watered once a week. That is another reason why we chose this type of plant, because it is durable. We were even able to plant it in winter without problem. My mother had already had this type of plant and knew how to care for it.

The day of the plantation was very intimate. My parents, my sister and I got together to do the plant the urn together as a family. I think that she would have really liked that.

We really like this idea of seeing death in a different way. We have always thought that the cemetery is a very cold and sad place and that we like the idea of ​​seeing a plant grow much more, something that is alive, contrary to the cemeteries. It is totally the opposite way of seeing death, and we love it!



Alba's Real-Life Bios Story / Alba´s Bios Urn Testimonial, a true story "I find cemeteries cold"

Image source: Bios Urn

Each Bios® Planting is Unique

Each planting, each location, is specific to the individual and family, and no two Bios Urns® in the world are the same. That’s the beauty of these real-life stories, there is a sense of autonomy and choice. Dealing with loss is always hard, and tends to send life in an unknown and often confusing direction.

One thing we believe at Bios, is that people see the beauty of life expressed in nature, and in trees. How we connect with these cycles and these stages is personal into and of itself, but the important thing is that we all connect. Like Alba’s own Bios Urn story. Our only hope is to provide comfort and a positive alternative to those who have experienced loss, and to provide a voice for those willing to share their unique stories.


Do you share the same feelings as Alba when you think of a burial in a traditional cemetery? Or maybe you have your own real-life Bios story to tell? Let us know in the Comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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