Pine, never look back, never give up

Pine (Pinus halepensis)

Pine is an evergreen tree and a symbol of fertility: a long time ago, in Northern Europe, pine trees (or firs) were decorated to celebrate the birth of Frey, the Norse god of the sun and fertility, at the end of the year. The tops of the trees were lit because in winter the days were getting shorter and Northern people thought that doing so the light will attract the sun. This is also the origin of the Christmas tree.


Pines are native to the Northern Hemisphere, but have been introduced to most temperate and dry regions. Pinus halepensis also known as Aleppo Pine or Jerusalem Pine is mainly found in the Mediterranean region; the ancient Greeks knew it well, and used its resin to flavor the Greek wine retsina.

It is extremely long-lived: the world’s oldest known living organism is a pine named Methuselah; it is located in the mountains of Nevada, in the United States. Its estimated age is about 4700 years!

It is a strong and stubborn tree – in order to find water it can break with its roots the rocks impeding its path. But at the same time it can adapt if the situation requires it as when it allows strong winds to shape it, thus avoiding breaking.

It is a species that is very protective of its lineage – it protects its offspring (the seeds) with a very hard shell that will open only when the sun makes them sprout.

As a curiosity, the Aleppo Pine inspired Paul Cézanne painting The Big Trees. Which is still planted in his garden at Aix-en-Provence.


paul cézanne


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