Pine tree: Symbolism, Information and Planting Instructions

Pine tree symbolism

Pine trees are cultural symbols all around the world! Going back centuries, these special trees have a role in numerous cultures and folklore tales. For Native Americans, they represent wisdom and longevity. To other cultures, they represent fertility and life. A long time ago, in Northern Europe, pine trees (or firs) were decorated to celebrate the birth of Frey, the Norse god of the sun and fertility, at the end of the year. The tops of the trees were lit because in winter as the days were getting shorter.  Northern people thought that doing so the light will attract the sun. This is also the origin of the Christmas tree.

“In the countries around the world where pine trees grow, many legends, beliefs, and folklore surround this magnificent tree.” Aside from representing fertility, wisdom and longevity, the pine tree is a symbol of peace. Wherever this special tree grows, it will always be a tree that is featured in legends, and a tree that gives love, and hope. They are also source of inspiration, as Paul Cézanne, the famous painted, was inspired by Pine trees when painting “The Big Trees,” which is still planted in his garden at Aix-en-Provence.


Bios Urn Blog: Pinus ponderosa, symbolism of the pine tree and how to plant

Image source: CCO Domain by pixabay

Characteristics of the Pine Tree

One of the world’s greatest and most beloved trees is the pine tree. The Pine tree’s beauty is everlasting, and provides a splash of color in any landscape. Most Pine species can withstand many temperature ranges, such as cold climates, snow, rocky soil, and drought. It has a soothing scent which make people feel “at home.” While originally from the Northern Hemisphere, they have been successfully introduced to temperate and dry regions. They are very long-lived, with the world’s oldest known tree being a Pine (Methusaleh.) They are strong, and stubborn – and fight for survival in any location they are placed, as they are highly adaptable. In fact, during strong winds, they often bend to avoid breaking. While some may not believe that trees have intelligence, the pine tree is one that is a survivalist, using its own instincts to ensure it’s future is long.

Most Pine trees provide edible nuts for wildlife and humans alike, as these nuts are often consumed in teas, or as delicacies and are packed with proteins.

In the United States, pine trees are very common in cemeteries, often found growing beside graves. A main reason for this is because Pine trees represent eternal life, and thus pine cones represent the continuity and renewal of life. It truly all comes full circle.

Planting Instructions

Ponderosa Pine seeds are very easy to germinate and grow, the dormancy within the seed is very short and easily broken. They require a small pre-treatment.

1. Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours.

2. Fully drain away all of the water and place the seeds in a zip-lock freezer bag. Place the seeds in the fridge (make sure they are not overly wet or overly dry, moist is what we are aiming for.)

3. Check the seeds once a week to make sure they are still moist, and not drying out.

4. After around 4-8 weeks under these conditions the seeds are ready to be sown and planted.

5. Follow the instructions for planting the Bios Urn, and place the seeds on the surface.

6. Cover the seeds with a couple of millimeters of vermiculite or compost (which accompanies the Bios Urn®).

7. Follow with a gentle watering and keep them at room or warm temperature (spring planting is perfect!). Germination will begin within a 10 days or so of sowing.

The seedlings are reasonably robust and trouble free and usually grow to a height of between 3 and 10 cm in the first growing season. Developing seedlings should be fine in full sun, keep them well watered.

The Bios Urn® is compatible with a Pine tree as with all other tree types. No exceptions! You can buy your Bios Urn® here. There is nothing as beautiful as watching your seeds grow from the Bios Urn®, and experiencing the joy of nature and life in it’s cycle.


Bios Urn Blog: Pinus ponderosa, symbolism of the pine tree and how to plant

Image source: CCO Commons

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  1. Carol D. says

    Please note that your pictures are NOT of pine trees, but are spruce trees. Different genus and really interferes with your believability!

    • Bios Urn says

      Oh Carol, you are 1000% right! We apologize to all of our readers who have previously viewed this image. It was now been updated to show the Ponderosa Pine tree. Thank you so much for letting us know.

  2. Chris Cramer says

    I have a plastic planter that is 21 1/1″ tall and 12″ across at the top. It tapers down to 9 1/2″ at the bottom.
    Will this planter be ok?

    • Bios Urn says

      Hi Chris! Thank you for reaching out. Just want to double check: Are you asking whether planting a Bios Urn in your planter is OK or if it is possible to plant a pine tree in it? Thanks for clarifying!


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