These “Galaxy Flowers” Hold The Universe In Their Petals

Celestial Petals Are Perfect For Flower Gazing

Nature is just amazing. From Skeleton flowers which turn completely translucent when it rains, to a crooked forest – it seems to have it all! These flowers, which are being dubbed “galaxy flowers” seem to offer the same sense of wonder and amazement. The scientific name of the “galaxy flower” is the Petunia Cultivars, and they are a type of Petunia. They are a deep purple flower, which tend to be specked with unique white dots on their petals, creating what bears striking resemblance to a celestial body, or galaxy. The white freckles on their petals seem to have drawn parallels to different galaxies and faraway star clusters and constellations. Indeed, these celestial flowers are a sight to behold! They are frequently referred to as Night Sky Petunias, and can be planted indoors, in a planter.

Each pattern on the flowers is unique, and no two flowers seem to come exactly the same. The pattern variance is due to temperature, and they are very reactive to their environment. So much so, that they require warm temperatures during the day (100 F), and very cool temperatures at night (50 F) to survive. They originally hail from South America, and interestingly enough have a close relation to potatoes, eggplants, and even tobacco.

The “galaxy flower”, or Night Sky Petunia, was introduced to Europe in the 19th century, and was most often used to decorate balconies and add a touch of color to gardens.
Petunias come in a wide array of colors, which span from yellow, red, pink, white, purple and include a mixture of different patterns (nearly 35 to count.)
These beautiful flowers can be sown easily from seed, and you can use a portion of them with some ash and a Bios Urn to grow them!

Do you have any unique flowers that you love? Share them below.

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