“Skeleton Flowers” Turn Transparent When It Rains

Skeleton flowers are unique flowers which turn transluscent upon exposure to water and rain. Its white petals become completely clear, then transform back to their original milky white color once dry.
The petals themselves are thin and delicate, and have a rounded umbrella shape.

The ¨Skeleton Flower¨ is found in only three locations in the world. The flower is known to grow in colder areas of China and Japan, and in the United States’ Appalachian Mountains. The Diphelleia grayi has large leaves with bright green and yellow centers, which make the shape of an umbrella.
The Skeleton Flower is a deciduous perennial which dies in winter. Its optimal bloom time is May to July. The flowers are so thing and fragile, that the moisture causes this strange transluscent effect. In most cases, caring for skeleton flower plants is low maintenance.


Growing a skeleton flower at home or in your garden:

Did you know you can grow a Skeleton Flower at home? They can survive in planting zones 3-9, and can be started indoors in a planter or container, as well as outside. Overall they are sensitive to sunlight, and prefer partial to complete shade. Alongside this, they also prefer soil which is well drained and quite moist.  These delicate flowers blossom in spring, and tend to dieback in Winter. Their blooming period begins in late April, and continues into July. They can be protected over winter by layering them lightly with mulch.  If you start the Skeleton Flower indoors, it´s recommend to acclimate them prior to transplanting them outside during the Spring season. The overall maintenance of this peculiar flowers is low, although you can boost them with some diluted plant food.

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