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The original Bios Incube® is not currently available. We now offer the much more economical Bios Incube® Lite. It does not include the sensor and therefore any of the technological aspects, nor does it water autonomously, however it enables you to plant your Bios Urn® close to you, whether that be in your home, on your terrace or in your garden. More information here.



Since launching to the public last month, the Bios Incube has been featured in several wonderful publications which we wanted to share with you.  Some of these publications are notable and related to design, innovation, technology, and eco-friendly living.  The Bios Incube is the first system of its kind in the world, and has been designed to bring this unique planting experience home, with you in mind. 

What To Do With Ashes? Grow A Tree

“AFTER JAY JUNKER’S father passed away from cancer in 2014, the 33-year-old took his cremated remains and planted them in a field outside the family’s farm house in Vermont. His father, who Junker recalls as outgoing and nature loving, is now a white oak sapling that’s grown from 5 inches to just over 5 feet tall in the last two years. On nice days, Junker likes to take a stroll out to the meadow where his father is planted and spend some time reminiscing about how they used to ski and hike in the rolling green hills. “To me, this just seemed like the best way to keep in touch,” Junker says. “The best way to keep someone in your life.”” Continue reading…

Bios Urn: the startup that lets you grow a tree from human ashes

Isabelle Bolla, a young woman living in California who bought a Bios Urn after her sister passed away from stage 4 breast cancer in 2014. Bolla told the designers: “It made me feel relieved that I had found something which was so closely aligned with our own beliefs and wishes for my sister.” She chose to grow a Pinon Pine because of its nice smell and because her sister loved the tree: “The Bios Urn is more than just an urn. It’s a catalyst for life and growth.”” Continue reading…


Futuristic Urns Turn Death Into New Life

“Planting trees is arguably better for the planet than traditional burial. It uses fewer materials and nourishes the earth instead of taxing it. Beyond the practical, the biodegradable urns serve a spiritual and symbolic purpose. Seeing growths rise from the ashes helps grieving people connect to those they lost through new life.”Continue reading...

Grow A Tree From Human Remains With This Internet Connected Urn 

“Green burials are on the rise. One option is planting a tree using your loved ones’ remains. But what if you don’t have access to garden space? And what if you’re terrified of killing the plant, a connection or a tribute to your loved one? Bios Urn, which is also known for its biodegradable urn, has created what co-founder and CEO Roger Moliné calls “a smart flower pot” to house your loved one’s ashes. The Bios Incube, which plants a small tree, is made from recycled material, and designed with the urban dweller in mind.” Continue reading…

  Grow A Tree From A Loved One´s Ashes and the Bios Incube Will Keep It Alive

Grow A Tree From A Loved One´s Ashes and the Bios Incube Will Keep It Alive

“Meant for those seeking an alternative to traditional burials, and perhaps a direct connection with their loved ones, the Bios Incubee works alongside the Bios Urn in order to create life after death. The minimal design of the Bios products allow them to fit rather seamlessly into any home decor, and guests would never guess the contents of the cube. And once your tree has sprouted, you can transfer it to a more permanent location — perhaps your loved one’s favorite destination.” Continue reading…

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