Isabelle Bolla

Isabelle Bolla used a Bios Urn® for her sister after she passed away from stage 4 breast cancer in 2014. ¨I happened to see a post online about the Bios Urn® the same week I was deliberating what to do with my sister´s ashes. As soon as I saw it, I just knew it was the right thing to do. It made me feel relieved that I had found something which was so closely aligned with our own beliefs and wishes for my sister.¨

Isabelle and her family planted her sister’s Bios Urn® in a friend’s backyard in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place her sister had once lived for many years, and felt connected to. She chose a Piñon Pine, both for it´s fragrant scent, and because it was a tree her sister loved deeply.

Today the tree is nearly three feet tall, and grows alongside another tree planted in memory of her friend´s father as well. “It’s really beautiful to know that the tree will be growing every year, in the same way a person would,” Isabelle told us.

¨The Bios Urn® is more than just an urn, it´s a catalyst for life and growth.¨

Isabelle has told us that having the tree planted in New Mexico, a few states away from her home in California, gives her a reason to make an annual sojourn to remember her sister, and reflect on her experience. ¨Having something tangible that I can see yearly, provides me with closure, and gives me a deep sense of peace.¨

A year and a half after using the Bios Urn® for herself, Isabelle ended up joining the company and now works at Bios Urn®. For personal reasons, she feels committed to the project and now makes up the core team at Bios. She commented, “We aren’t just customers, we are a community. A community of people around the world who have the same sentiment towards death, and resonate with each other. That’s a community.”

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  1. Cindi Heslin says

    Do you have to use a specific amount of ashes for this to work? I Love this idea and so does my brother but if we split up the ashes will it impact the effectiveness?
    Thank you.

    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Cindi, yes you can still use the Bios Urn. If you split the ashes, we would recommend you to mix them with some soil to fill up the lower cone of the urn.

  2. Nicole says

    Are there laws in place that protect these trees? What’s going to stop some one from cutting it down in 100 years when no one living can protect it?

    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Nicole, Bios Urn is working to allocate spaces for Bios Urn planting. But for now, if you want to plant your Bios Urn in a protected space you have to ask for permission in a cemetery.

  3. Nathalie Mäki says

    Hi, I’m only 13 years old, but I think that this is such a good idea. I saw this on Instagram & knew that when I die I wanted to become a tree. That’s the point were I have a question: You put your ashes into the Bios Urna & the seeds & a plant grows out of it? Did I get that right? Love, Nathalie♥

  4. Ollie says

    Hi, it only could only be plant after me passed away? Or I could plant the tree in advance and mix the ash with soil and top up after then ? Thanks.

  5. Paulina García says

    the day yesterday I placed my order but have not received confirmation response, the charge is made, who can help me I’m in Miami-Florida

  6. Claudia P. says

    Hi, when do you expect to have the Bios Incubator ready for sale? I ordered the Bios Urn and the incubator idea sound amazing. Do you have an idea of price?

    • Bios Urn says

      Bios Incube will be ready for sale on March 2017. We expect to start a first round of pre-orders before!

  7. Marianne Smith says

    What an amazing idea! I’ve told all my family this is what I want when my times up! (Hoping that’s not anytime soon though) Do you do seeds that are native to the UK or is it best to buy an urn without the seed? I’ve never seen tree seeds to buy in the UK would I just get a seed from a tree ie an acorn from an oak tree etc

    • Bios Urn says

      Hello Marianne,

      We do offer some seed varieties which are compatible with U.K soil, and are either native or have been introduced. Please message us with your province or region and we can assist you in choosing the most appropriate tree option!
      You can also opt to purchase a Bios Urn without a seed and choose your own seed choice.

  8. Ryan Tellander says

    I would like to be part of the Bios Incube pre order run. Can you include me in that, as long as I can afford it I want it. Thanks Ryan Tellander

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