2020 Planting Trends: Get inspiration for your own garden!

Having a garden can bring many benefits to individuals and families alike. They not only look good, but can complete any yard and potentially even provide you with some vegetables. But the landscape of gardening is changing, and changing quickly. This article looks at the 2020 Planting Trends.

For instance, more people are gardening in the USA than ever before and the person doing the gardening is also changing. While all different kinds of people garden, young men are increasingly starting to garden in their homes and yards.

However, this increase of young male gardeners is one of many of the 2020 planting trends in the planting and gardening space. Lots is changing and just like every industry, trends are always being developed and adopted globally. With that in mind, this guest post is going to take a closer look at some of the 2020 planting trends to look out for this year. At Bios Urn® we were so excited to read about this!


2020 Planting Trends: Early Predictions To Adopt

Plants That Don’t Need Water and Other Paths to a Low Maintenance Garden

Most of us live incredibly busy lives, and it can be tough to find the time to care for and maintain our plants. Thankfully, there are plants that are perfect for individuals with little time to care for them. Several plants hardly need any water at all, and can be a great addition to any garden. Incorporating plants that don’t need water can be a great way to have plants around and enjoy their benefits without having to worry about all of the upkeep that usually accompanies them.

In addition to plants that don’t need water, there are other ways to keep your garden low maintenance. There are many different plants and herbs that are incredibly easy to grow. Using a collection of lavender seeds or other simple-to-grow seeds can really help you create a low maintenance garden you can be proud of.

Colors are In

In gardening, something becomes a trend and then everyone essentially does the same things. This can lead to a lot of gardens looking the same and creativity being almost completely lost for a period of time. However, with more people getting creative and using color in their gardens in 2020, this is starting to change.

Reds, blues, oranges, yellows and other bright and eye-catching colors are becoming more prevalent in gardens across the world. There are plenty of exciting plants out there with unique colors and designs that can really add a sense of creativity to any garden.

In addition to using colors as one of the 2020 planting trends, there are other ways to show your creativity with your garden as well. This can include adding rocks, twigs, and sticks to your garden, as well as incorporating asymmetrical designs. The choice is yours, and feel free to be as creative and colorful as you want.

Bios Urn Blog: Gardening and Planting trends 2020

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Urban Gardens and Indoor Growing

While it would be lovely if everyone had enough space for a large and sprawling garden in their yard, this isn’t the case. If you live in an urban environment, space is often hard and quite expensive to come by. Also, climate concerns make it tough to grow in many places outside of a few months every year. Because of this, a growing 2020 planting trends is to grow plants indoors and create gorgeous urban gardens.

You can have a micro-garden small enough to fit on a window sill, or large enough to potentially take up a whole room. Bringing your garden inside can infuse your home with life and make it more warm, welcoming and calming. There are many systems you can purchase to make sure your indoor urban garden gets all the light or water that it needs.

The Bios Incube® was created to do just that: it is a complementary planter designed to fit the Bios Urn®, and grow a tree indoors or on a terrace. We created the Bios Incube® specifically for those who lack possible spaces to plant the Bios Urn®, live in temporary locations, or just prefer to have an indoor tree.

Bios Urn Blog: Gardening and Planting trends 2020

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In conclusion, hopefully this article can help you identify and adopt some 2020 planting trends this year that you could adopt. 

Happy gardening!

Guest post by collaborator Wendy Dessler

So what do you think of these 2020 planting trends? What you like to add one to the list? We would love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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