Some of the Creepiest and Scariest Forests in The Whole World

Screaming Woods – Great Britain

This forest is located near Pluckley, the village defined as the most haunted  in Britain.

The forest, situated in Kent, is also known as Dering Woods. However, it gained the nickname of “Screaming Woods” because if you are brave enough to get into the forest at night (sometimes even during daytime), you will hear the screams of the people who got lost there and died. According to the legend, among those screams you will probably hear a suicidal army colonel who lived back in the 1700.

Freetown State Forest – USA

This forest is part of what is called “Bridgewater triangle”, an area in Massachusetts known for its paranormal activities, among which UFO, bigfoot sightings and giant snakes. If you don’t believe legends, sadly enough, this forest has also been the actual crime scene of various murders in the last decades. Among them, Mary Lou Arruda, a fifteen year-old cheerleader was found dead here in 1978 and a police officer in 1987. It is believed that the area was also used for satanic sacrifices.

For those who believe in this kind of things, the history of this forest might explain a little bit all these terrible events. The Wampanoag Tribe owned this land and when Wamsutta sold it, the tribe might not have backed the deal. Some people claim that crimes and paranormal events will stop when the tribe will be given back the land.

Dow Hill – India

If you type the name in Google you will find out that it is described as “one of the most haunted places in India”. Every imaginable kind of paranormal activity has been associated with this forest, located in West Bengal. Some locals say to have seen a headless young boy walking around, others to have heard footsteps in their own houses or female screams at night. It seems that the centre of the paranormal activities is the Victoria Boys High school, where footsteps are heard even when the school closes for the three-months vacation.

All these paranormal events drove many people living in the area to commit suicide because persuaded to be followed and haunted by ghosts.

Fortunately not all the forests around the world are like these. So, keep in mind that if you like trees as we do at urnabios, you can decide to become your favorite tree in your afterlife. Maybe just try to choose a more peaceful place than the ones mentioned above.

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