Philippa Planted Her Husband’s Bios Urn® On Their Farm in Australia

A special story from Australia

On a daily basis at Bios Urn®, we come across stories which not only touch our hearts, but also touch our souls. Such was the case with Philippa and Mark. Philippa’s special story was shared to us by our Victoria, Australia customer, Soul Trees.

As is often the case, not many healthy individuals or couples talk about death and dying. In fact, most of us wait until far later in life to do any kind of pre-planning. Philippa and Mark had never really talked about death, or the specific involved with any kind of pre-planning. “Not many couples my age talk about death, dying or whether they want to be buried or cremated, particularly when that couple is in their mid 40’s, have four children and are in excellent health. You can imagine my surprise then, when my husband came home from work one day and said, “I know what I want to happen to my body if I die”. I said, “Well, you’re not going to die”. He said, “I know, but I heard an amazing thing on the radio today. IF I were to die, then I want my ashes to be put in a biodegradable urn with a gum tree planted in it.” He then pointed out the window to a place on our farm and said, “I want the biggest, strongest gum tree planted there so I can look out over my farm”. I said, “OK, you’re not going to die but thanks for telling me, I’ll keep it in mind”. How was I to know that less than one month later, my dear husband would be dead?” Philippa shared this unique conversation, which seemingly gave her the idea of using a Bios Urn®, and the comfort in knowing she had fulfilled her husband’s wishes. It’s truly amazing how the power of voicing your thoughts and desires, can make them come true.

The Biggest & Strongest Gum Tree

Philippa and Mark were happily married and together for nearly 25 years. Mark’s life was cut short by a freak kayaking accident a year and a half ago. As with any loss, especially one that is so sudden and abrupt – Philippa and her family were taken aback and shocked. “However, in the midst of our grief, I had no hesitation in knowing his final wishes for his body. I was able to tell the funeral director that he was to be cremated so his ashes could be planted on his beloved farm and where the biggest and strongest gum tree could grow up and look out over his family and farm.” Philippa’s funeral director was able to connect her with our local customer in Victoria, (Soul Trees) and buy the Bios Urn® for him to honor his final wishes.

Often times people choose a significant day to mark their Bios Urn® planting. It could be an anniversary, a day of remembrance, or something which has a special meaning to those involved. Philippa and her family planted Mark’s Bios Urn® one year to date from his passing. She describes the day as both sad, and beautiful. “It feels complete and we love it that we brought him home to overlook our family and farm, just as he wanted.”


“I love the fact that Mark had told me his wishes. I love the fact that the Bios Urn® business is in Victoria, Australia. I love the fact that there is another option for a loved one’s body to be remembered instead of having to go to a cemetery. I love the fact that Mark’s ashes get to stay on the land that he loved. I love the fact that new life in the form of a tree gets to grow following the death of a human form.”


Mark and Philippa in Australia

Each Bios Urn® planting is unique

Each planting, each location, is specific to the individual and family, and no two Bios Urns® in the world are the same. That´s the beauty of these stories, there is a sense of autonomy and choice. Dealing with loss is always hard, and tends to send life in an unknown and often confusing direction. One thing we believe at Bios Urn®, is that people see the beauty of life expressed in nature, and in trees. How we connect with these cycles and these stages is personal into and of itself, but the important thing is that we all connect. Our only hope is to provide comfort and a positive alternative to those who have experienced loss, and to provide a voice for those willing to share their unique stories.

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