Let’s talk about copycats

Dear customers, distributors, retailers, twitter followers, facebook fans, instagram friends, blog readers and lovely strangers who surf the web,

Today is Friday, December 2nd, and it is 8pm. Like most Fridays we are still working at Bios Urn® headquarters. The reason why we are writing this blog post is not to announce a new product launch, or tell a new story. The reason why we are writing today is because we want to talk about ‘copycats’. Copycats are people who copy and reproduce your original ideas, while passing them off as their own. People who don’t distinguish between inspiration and theft. People who just want to ‘wholesale’ creativity.

Copying differs from inspiration. Like most people in this world we have been repeatedly inspired by the work of others. Inspiration comes from random inputs of information that our brain receives throughout the day, in bits and slivers. Every day our team struggles to combine, analyze and break those inputs into little pieces, thousands of them, so we can use them to create something new. Something meaningful. Something that proposes a change in human behavior, and also adds an improvement to it. But those who copy are people who only spend their time stealing your ideas and hard work, and pretending it is theirs.

What is often not seen is just how hard it is to be creative. How much time and effort it takes to mold an idea, and turn it into something real. How many thousand “no’s” are needed to find just one “yes.”

The worst part is not just seeing how people who copy rarely do it with respect. The worst part is how this affects the people who are inspired by us, to buy those replicas, and feed into those copycats who rip-off our aesthetics, and replicate our product. While some of the physical aspects can be copied, what can´t be copied or stolen from us, is the focus we put into all of our projects. The details that fuel us as individuals and as a company, and how much soul we inscribe into our designs, and our products. It´s this love that empowers a great story, and ultimately creates the user-driven experience we strive for.

As creators we always work to be one step ahead of the curve, so when anyone copies what we do, we have already evolved. Speaking of which, have you heard of the Bios Incube®?

We have our eyes, our minds, and our hearts set on a greener future. And we will stop at nothing to ensure that the experiences we provide are meaningful, and respectful in all ways possible.

With a few sighs and lots of love,

The Bios Urn® team.

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