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Death Doulas Are Helping Us Rethink The Way We Die

I know what you’re thinking. What is a death doula, or midwife – and what does being one, entail? Here at Bios Urn we are interested in all things that relate to nature, sustainability, and naturally – death. So what exactly is a “death doula”? A regular midwife or doula is a person who assists […]

Flown to the Moon and Back: The Mystery of NASA’s “Moon Trees”

What exactly are “Moon Trees”? During the 1971 Apollo 14 mission, nearly 500 tree seeds rode with astronaut Stuart Roosa. Each astronaut was allowed to bring one personal item with them into space, and much to the delight of the U.S Forest services, Stuart chose to bring tree seeds with him into orbit. Roosa had […]

How to Bring Your Bios Urn Tree with you Even if you Move

In today’s world, not everyone lives in a permanent location – and more often than not, we find ourselves relocating every so often. For those interested in using a Bios Urn, this has been a main question: what do I do with my Bios Urn if I am in a temporary place? We always recommend […]

You Can Donate Your Body To Science and Then Use a Bios Urn

Donating your body to science. Why do people do it, and what does it help? Donating your body can come with many benefits. For those who don’t mind the process, body donation can help improve medical treatments and lead way to new research. Typically bodies are used for academia and research, especially when it comes […]