We have fully funded our Kickstarter campaign for the Bios Incube!


The original Bios Incube® is not currently available. We now offer the much more economical Bios Incube® Lite. It does not include the sensor and therefore any of the technological aspects, nor does it water autonomously, however it enables you to plant your Bios Urn® close to you, whether that be in your home, on your terrace or in your garden. More information here.


This is an update post from our Kickstarter campaign which was responsible for funding the Bios Incube, our newest project and product. We were lucky enough to have crowdsourced the campaign and raised the funds to pursue our newest venture, from people all over the world.

We just ended our Kickstarter campaign and have been fully funded. Each step of the campaign process has been so fun for us to work on. We´ve appreciated all the comments, and support we´ve received to this point. Now, we will begin working diligently on producing The Bios Incube and bringing it to all of you wonderful people. The first thing we will be doing is introducing some hardware and software improvements and updates. We will be updating you very soon on our next steps, and how everything is coming along.

Stay tuned!

Bios Team

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