One person can make a difference

From the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) a group of students produced a video called “Saving Trees” featuring David Milarch. David’s story shows that one person can make a difference.

Ian Kast, Chad Rodgers, Rick Iseppi, Lindsey VanDenBoom, Olga Sarayeva, Atikh Bana and Joe Buckenmeyer, worked together to conceive and create a compelling story about David Milarch and his amazing dedication and persistence against all odds to save the giant trees that are helping to save our place on the planet.

If you like the video, please share it. For more info visit the project’s facebook page.

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  1. Kathy says

    that was BEAUTIFUL. Sans the Ford ad at the end; a polluter. You know Ford ran his early model cars on HEMP. Another great idea that has yet to resurrected. The auto industry saw to that one.

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