Nicki planted her mother´s Bios Urn® in her backyard with a Maple tree

Nicki Berger lost her mother a few years ago, and chose a Bios Urn® because she wanted her mother´s death to bring new life. She opted for a Red Maple tree, because the maple represents strength, beauty, and was also compatible with Minnesota´s extreme temperatures.

She ended up planting her mother´s Maple Bios Urn® in her grandmother´s backyard, and had a small ceremony with her grandmother and family. She was happy to plant it some place close by that she could visit and spend time with her grandmother as well. While the Bios Urn® was planted in her grandmother´s backyard, her family ultimately planned to transfer the tree to the family cemetery, so that her mother could be reunited with family, and get back to her roots.

From the moment Nikki´s mom was diagnosed, she started thinking about what she wanted to do and how she wanted to leave this world. Her mother heard of the Bios Urn®, and knew it was what she wanted to be and do – so that her grand kids could swing from her tree, and that she too, could change with the seasons. She imagined not just her passing, but her life, and how it would be continued in a new, yet different, form. Her mother was happy when thinking Nikki could even some day marry next to her tree, and that in spirit, she would be there too.

My mom saw a beautiful opportunity to turn something so ugly and turn it into a new beautiful life, which was my moms life goal. My mom’s only request for her memorial was that her death would bring new life. She knew she wanted to do that with BiosUrn. Now I will be able to remember her with the changing leaves, in every season, and everyday as a beautiful Maple.

 – Nicki Berger

We are thankful to Nikki for sharing her beautiful story and photos with us.

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  1. Sally Chewter says

    Does the body need to be cremated? Because my brother likes the idea but does not want to be cremated. Can it just be planted on top of a normal grave, with the tree seeds in it?

    • Bios Urn says

      Hi Sally, Generally people do opt for cremation – although we don´t see why you couldn´t do this as well. Perhaps you could even fill the Bios Urn with some personal mementos, like letters!

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