Inspiring Ideas: discover the Kuxtal eco park

We are very lucky at Bios Urn® to talk to entrepreneurs and visionaries who share their great ideas with us. From NGOs to journalists and, as in this case, an inspiring group of students from Mexico. They have shared their inspiring idea with us of ​​an eco park that they call “Kuxtal Parque”.

They define themselves as “small entrepreneurs who want to achieve big things“. We found their idea fascinating and we wanted to support them however we could.

Keep on reading to find out about their “Kuxtal Parque” eco park idea, and let us know what you think and if you would like to see it become a reality someday.

What is Kuxtal Parque?

The main idea behind ​​”Kuxtal Park” is a prototype eco park. It has been been designed in the shape of a human heart, with a large botanical garden divided into 9 sections. In the center there is a viewpoint which would allow visitors to appreciate a beautiful aerial view of the entire heart-shaped park.

Bios Urn Blog: Kuxtal Parque - eco parque / eco park / eco parc

What makes this eco park unique?

At the back of the eco park, there would be a special section, called “The garden of eternal life“, where the Bios Urns® can be planted. So that all those who wish to plant the remains of their loved ones in these revolutionary urns can do so in a very special and beautiful place.

The aim of the eco park

  1. To demonstrate that there can be life after death, and what better way to do it than preserving the spirit of a loved one by conserving and extending the life of the planet.
  2. To help the reforestation of trees on the planet.
  3. And finally, to promote caring for the planet.

Bios Urn Blog: Kuxtal Parque - eco parque / eco park / eco parc

How did the idea of ​​Kuxtal Parque come about?

The entire project has been developed by a group of young students from Mexico City who are currently in the fourth and fifth semester of high school, at the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC), as part of the Vocational Guidance Workshop. This course´s aim is to help guide students towards their vocation in life. Within the workshop, the students are divided into groups according to the professions they have in mind, with the aim that they begin to relate to the degree they may decide to study in the future.

They then had to come up with a project in which all of them work together. They explained to us that in the beginning it was quite complicated to chose a project that everyone liked; until finally someone came up with the idea of biodegradable urns, which could transform you into a tree when you die. They discovered the existence of Bios Urn®. With the passage of time, the idea evolved into the ​​creation of an eco park, in which the biodegradable urns could be planted. In addition to this core idea, the design was to include a water filter system for all the flora in the park. By then the whole team was on board!

What does “Kuxtal Park” mean?

Once the project was well defined, it was time to name the project. Based on the idea of the biodegradable urns, the team decided to call the park “Kuxtal Parque”, as “Kuxtal” is a word of Mayan origin which means LIFE. The Park of Life.

These young students wanted the eco park to not only be recognized as promoting the revolutionary technology of the biodegradable Bios Urns®, but also to spread the idea that all those loved ones who are no longer with us, who we carry in our hearts, can still be kept close. And what better way to embody his than to design the eco park in the shape of a human heart. In the same way, a viewpoint was added in the center, enabling people to see the heart view.

Finally, the logo was designed making the two main ideas of the project, the biodegradable urns that turn you into a tree and the heart, flow together in a peaceful manner.

Bios Urn Blog: Kuxtal Parque - eco parque / eco park / eco parc

Project development

After having developed the bases of the project, it was necessary to begin the park architectural plans. “This was not an easy task, because as high school students we did not have any experience in the fields of architecture or design,” they explained.

Fortunately, they were supported by different professionals trained in these areas. It took around a week and a half to complete the whole plan, it was a very laborious and labor-intensive job. The result was amazing though! Right now the group is in the process of constructing the model.

How we plan to continue with the eco park project

They all hope that the project provokes a great sensation among the spectators who they will present it to, and if so, the students explain that it is quite probable that the Business Incubator will help them to promote the idea.

In parallel, they seeked the support of sponsor which Bios Urn was very happy to become. “We share the same values ​​and objectives” the students said. They are also keen to promote the project worldwide, which is why they created their own Instagram page where you can follow their progress. “We will continue working together and we will do everything possible to make this concept a reality!”. We wish them the very best of luck.


What do you think about the idea of ​​this eco park? Let us know in the Comments section below! We´d love to hear from you.

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