First Garden Dedicated to Planting the Bios Urn has Opened!

Bios Urn Garden of Life

The first garden dedicated to growing Bios Urns. Inaugurated on May 6th, 2017.


The Tree of Life Garden is dedicated to planting the Bios Urn

On May 6th, 2017, in Quebec, Canada, the first Bios Urn was planted in a special garden just for Bios Urns. A cemetery in Quebec has recently teamed up with a local Bios Urn distributor to provide a new experience for those seeking to use a Bios Urn, and plant it in a special outdoor garden.  Cimetière Catholique Granby, located in Granby, Quebec has devoted a portion of its land specifically to be used for the planting of a Bios Urn – the new garden is called Jardin d’arbre de vie in French, which roughly translates to “The tree of life garden”. This Bios garden is welcome to people of all faiths, and from all religions.

Families and individuals will be invited to participate in a tree of life planting ceremony, and are able to also plant the seeds or seedlings themselves. Flowers, shrubs, trees, and even fruit trees are available to be used. Over 20 tree varieties are currently available according to the director Élyse Champagne, director of the Catholic cemeteries of Granby. All of the species chosen are compatible with the local environment and are native tree species. The Bios Urns will be planted during optimal planting seasons, namely from May to October.

“Through death there is life that resumes”

The cemetery has plans to expand, and is truly going green ensuring that all materials planted in the cemetery are natural and biodegradable – so as to respect the environment as much as possible. A gazebo is currently being planned to hold celebrations of life as well.

The Catholic Cemetery of Granby has also mentioned that it is possible to add name plaques or leather belts for the trees, for those who desire more customization. On top of these services, they have dedicated a team of tree growers who will check on the trees periodically to ensure they are growing healthily – as a guarantee to families and individuals who have opted to plant in the garden.

A step forward

Forward thinking cemeteries and individuals are responsible for the opening of this new and innovative garden. We have written in the past about how cemeteries need to evolve, and how many are refusing to adapt to sustainable options for families and individuals. While some cemeteries prefer to keep to a more traditional route, others, like the Catholic Cemetery of Granby, are willing to go beyond and create new spaces where they are needed. While this is one garden, it still represents a significant leap forward.

We are thankful to our distributors in Canada and Quebec who have helped make this project a reality, and to the Catholic Cemetery of Granby for creating a special sacred space for the Bios Urn. We hope to see more coming in the future!  What do you think about the first garden specifically dedicated to the Bios Urn? Would you like to see more near you? Let us know in the comment section.

Have questions about Bios Urn planting requirements or laws in your area, email us and we will help you with that.

Bios Urn Biodegradable Urn planted in Garden

First garden dedicated to growing Bios Urns, opens in Quebec.

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  1. I live in Illinois and have purchased an urn, without a seed. I have yet to decide what tree I want to be, it depends on where I am planted.
    I have tried to get my family on board to create a “Family Tree Cemetery” . To no avail.
    Are there any plans for one being created in this area? I would love to embark on this endeavor myself but have so many questions on zoning, ordinances, do we have to be affiliated with a church? And then the maintanence.

    Any suggestions out there? Please email me privately because I’m not sure how to check these messages. I have posted before and am incapable of going back to see if anyone has ever commented. Thank you!

    • I’m with you, Connie Deal. For me, it’s vitally important that I have dedicated tree growers. My family members are all older than I and not likely to be around to maintain the health of my tree. They are not even physically capable of digging the hole through the caliche in my back yard. Also, I live in the desert where even native trees seem to need some help to flourish and grow. A Tree of Life garden cemetery would be my best option for planting my ashes and taking care of my tree.

      There’s no option to click on your e-mail address–that’s hidden from view. I hope you are able to see my comment, Connie.

  2. I am also highly interested in a Bios Urn Garden of Life for the Front Range of Northern Colorado. I’m assuming if a church is offering its property, it would be a lot easier to receive local government approval. I am also inspired to contact our local cemeteries to see if they may have an interest. It would be a travesty to allow this concept to fade away. Our environment needs all the plant life we could give it.

    • Hello Maureen, absolutely! We are emailing you to see if we can assist with finding locations near you and starting this program as well.

  3. The local church in our village in England is thinking of dedicating a field for cremation plots. Could you give me some help and information about how I can maybe encourage them to dedicating it to a bio urn tree of Life arboretum.

    • Hi Tina! The Bios Urn is available in the U.K.
      In terms of the Bios garden – it is not yet available, although there are many natural burial grounds which the Bios Urn can be planted on throughout the entire UK!

    • Hi Tina, not yet – but we are working on it. There are many natural burial grounds in the UK where the bios Urn can be planted

  4. I like Connie Deal have purchased 2 bios urns without seeds, for my husband and myself. we have spoken to our family about where we could be planted. We never did come up with an plan but, now reading all the comments, are there laws about planting trees that happen to have human ashes in the plantings? I never gave it a thought about who would take care of the tree/bush after your immediate family has passed. I would be interested in learning more talking points when speaking at my local government and or cemeteries in creating the Bios urn alternative Tree/plant of Life option to choose. Thank you

  5. I totally love this idea. Can you send me more information about creating a BiosUrn Garden? Is there anything located in Massachusetts or New England anywhere?

  6. I really loved the idea of bios urn. I myself would like to be a tree someday. I am an architecture student from Philippines and really interested in making a bios urn garden/park as my thesis proposal. I would really be grateful if you give me some ideas about the facilities, laws and other requirements needed to create a place like this. Anything that would help is very much appreciated.

  7. If you have any info regarding establishing a Tree of Life Garden in Scotland/UK could you please message me it? Thank you.

  8. I would like to help reforest parts of California that lost so many trees to forest fires. Where do I start? Seems like my family could just go to the forest and plant my urn.

  9. I am in the north Texas area. How can we get local cemeteries on board to create an area for bio urns? I would want to be planted somewhere where someone would make sure that my tree flourished. Thanks!

    • Hi Brian! The best thing to do would be to approach green or natural burial grounds first, followed by family owned funeral homes!

  10. Hello,
    I do not speak or write English, so I use the Google translator.
    Can you tell me if there is a cemetery here in Switzerland to bury a Bios Urn?
    Thank’s for your answer. Best regards.

  11. I live in Australia (the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales), and intend to have a Bio Urn. Would very much appreciate info on who to approach in this area re suitable locations, care etc. Many thanks,,,Joan

    • Hi there! Our Red Maple is native to the Tampa region and would work perfectly! We´ve just emailed you with some suitable options.

    • Hello Stephanie! At the moment we don’t have a retailer in Ireland. There are some green burial grounds which have recently popped up in Ireland, and more are sure to follow!

  12. Salutations,
    I would be interested in recieving information on how to become a Bios Urn salesperson and or how to start a Bios Urn garden.

    Thank you for your time and consideration


  13. Are there currently a Bios Urn Distributors, gardens or participating cemeteries in Southwestern, Ontario Canada ? Please advise and thanks.

  14. My husband and I will be using the urna bios system and we are looking for an opportunity in our area to find the right place and create a life garden. As soon as we can tie this up, we will be going full blast to promote and create a garden of life. thank you for this wonderful opportunity to continue to grow even after we’re gone!

  15. Could you please send me any info helpful in starting my own Bios Urn Garden of Life. It just makes perfect sense in this day and age we turn away from cemeteries into green gardens.

  16. I have wanted to have this type of burial ground for years. Where can I find info on this for North Carolina?

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