Welcome to the fascinating world of CrowdFarming

Have you ever heard of CrowdFarming? At first we hadn’t either at Bios Urn, although we had heard of something similar called “CrowdFunding” which is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Well the more recent concept of CrowdFarming follows the same principal, but with an environmental twist. It´s a new direct and transparent food supply chain created by young farmers.

Keep on reading to learn more about how CrowdFarming works and how you can become a crowdfarmer!

The CrowdFarming philosophy

CrowdFarming is described as the agricultural revolution that connects people with their food again. It was an initiative set up by young farmers in Spain who´s dream is to cultivate only what is really going to be consumed. So every fruit tree that they plant and every one of their bee families has an owner waiting for their oranges and their honey.

So the idea is actually quite simple: Plant a tree or adopt a bee family and they send your orange or  honey harvest directly to your doorstep. Their cultivation process is responsable and sustainable to preserve our Earth for this generation and the next.

Founders and brothers Gabriel and Gonzalo inherited their grandparents farm and came up with the idea of CrowdFarming®: “Receive your food directly from its source. Learn who cultivates what you eat, where it comes from and how it is produced.”

Today they not only crowdfarm their own farm´s produce, but they have created a global platform for farmers and crowd farmers to come together and take part in this initiative anywhere in the word.

Bios Urn article: Crowdfarming

What can be adopted through CrowdFarming?

As a Crowdfarmer, you can currently adopt a tree, a beehive, a farm animal or even a rice paddy! For example if you adopt an orange tree,  the farmer will plant an orange tree for you in their orchard. Some farmers offer the option to watch its evolution with your smartphone and receive the fruits from your orange tree directly at your doorstep.

Or if you decide to adopt a bee family, you would receive your own pure honey straight from the hive without going through any production process. They even offer the option to personalize your honey jars with a name of your choice! So you can increase the bee population thanks to Crowdfarming®.

Chose from a selection of trees such as an olive tree, an almond tree, a cocoa tree or a pomegranate tree. Or you could chose to adopt a vine,  a coffee plantation, a rice paddy and even a cow to receive your own cheese or a merino sheep to receive your own wool blanket. The choice is yours!

Bios Urn article: Crowdfarming


How can I become a CrowdFarmer?

A CrowdFarmer is what you become from the moment you adopt something from a farmer taking part in this initiative. You can take part in this new democratic, honest and transparent food supply chain, which creates a direct link between consumers and producers. This is what you would be taking part in:

– You will have your very own productive unit from what you adopt from the farmer. This can be a tree, an animal or part of a garden bed where your vegetables grow.

– You will also be actively avoiding food waste: so much waste can be avoided by enabling the farmer to cultivate and produce on demand of the consumers.

– And last but not least, you will get traceability of your food by getting to know the producer and the source of your food.

Get crowd farming!


What do you think about CrowFarming? Let us know in the Comments section below! We´d love to hear from you. Why not plant a fruit tree with your Bios Urn?

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    • Bios Urn says

      Hi Patty! The oranges are only shipped to Europe for now, but if you check out the http://www.crowdfarming.com website, you’ll be able to see all of the other produce available and which ship to the US. If you know any local farmers, you could also share this initiative with them as they may want to become a farmer who takes part!

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