Bios Incube and its double sensor mode will connect to the IoT


The original Bios Incube® is not currently available. We now offer the much more economical Bios Incube® Lite. It does not include the sensor and therefore any of the technological aspects, nor does it water autonomously, however it enables you to plant your Bios Urn® close to you, whether that be in your home, on your terrace or in your garden. More information here.

Bios Incube Update

We are on schedule for our timeline and will begin shipping our units in the next few weeks. We will be shipping in the order we received them on our website. Next week, we ´ll begin contacting individuals who placed an order for the Incube to confirm addresses that were given to us, and to finalize the remainder of the payment for the Incube.
Recently we have been working on some final changes and updates, mostly to the Bios Incube sensor. Some things we want to share with you about the Bios Incube include the modes that the sensor will feature.

Bios Incube Sensor Modes

The sensor will feature a stand-alone mode, and an IoT mode. The stand-alone mode will be able to work and function without internet connection. This means that while the user will not receive notifications about the tree, and data will not be tracked, it will continue to water the tree as needed and take care of the essential points of care.

The Bios Incube sensor will also feature the IoT mode, which is equipped with internet connection. What this means that the user will be able to use the Incube and all of its connective functionalities. The Incube will connect to our cloud network. This cloud network utilizes a browser-based application to check on the plant, and receive notifications.

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  1. Susan smith says

    Thank you for the update. I was wondering about this yesterday and what do you know???? this email today….thanks again

  2. Ali says

    Thank you for the update. I live in the Gulf Coast area of Texas. What zones would be good for a flowering dogwood? Would you be able to supply this as well?

    • Bios Urn says

      Hi Ali,

      Flowering dogwood is a beautiful tree that tends to grow best in zones 5-9. The seeds do tend to expire fast, so we recommend acquiring them right when you need them.
      We will be offering a similar option – called the Empress tree, which grows fast and has lilac flowers instead of light pink. Texas is primarily in zones 7-9, so you should be fine with the above planting options.
      If you are using a Bios Incube or planter, there is no problem – however if you intend to plant directly into the Earth, we recommend planting during the appropriate season.

      This post has additional information about hardiness zones:

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