Once Bea started talking about her zero-waste life, people listened. With her Zero Waste Home book that’s been translated into 12 languages, speaking engagements across the world, profiles on BBC and NPR, it’s safe to say that she’s become the face of the Zero Waster movement.

And it’s easy to understand why. Take a peek inside Bea’s home and you’ll find a clean, curated living space that shows just how inviting minimalism can be. And look at Bea herself and you’ll see a strong, elegant woman who lives a life of ease. She’s proof that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, style, or sanity to live a more conscious life. On the contrary, all these things go hand in hand.

Since going green, Bea and her family have cut down on expenses by 40 percent, which has freed up time and money for adventure. When asked how her kids cope with zero waste living, Bea insisted that it’s the things they’ve gained, not lost, that they’ll remember.

“My kids and I have been able to do things that most people never get to do—we’ve snorkeled between two continents, gone ice climbing,  gone bungee jumping and sky diving. We’ve discovered a lifestyle that is rich in experiences instead of things; a life that is based on being and doing instead of having,” she said. “To me, life is about connections with others, creating memories with each other, and that’s what going zero-waste has enabled for us.”

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