A Day In The Life Of A Funerary Art Company


Hello! My name is Juan Manuel.

Passionate about basketball and nature, I currently head up a small company called Davijuan Marble in Spain.

Davijuan is a family-owned business which offers “funerary art” as we call it here. It was founded by my father, who continues to be, today, the benchmark for our clients and the small work group that we form.


A typical work day for me…

At Davijuan every day is different. No two days are never the same nor do they take place in the same place: we visit many cemetieres and burial grounds as well as family homes and in our factory, then some days are spent in the office.

The nature of our work is to create all types of artwork in marble and granite, specializing in funerary art for more than 50 years.

What I enjoy the most about my job is dealing with people and helping them through what is often an extremely tough times in their lives.

We believe that the work carried out has to say something about the person who acquires it. When families go to visit the remains of their loved ones, our hope is that they not only identify it by the engraved name, but by the style or image that was created specifically for them. This is what attracted me the most to the funeral industry and what prompted me to follow in my father’s footsteps.


As well as funerary art, I am passionate about nature

My love for nature and the search for new services, led me to find the Bios Urn ® that represents my ideals for life and nature. I loved the biodegradable tree urn concept for people, and that is possible for pets too. Pets are part of our daily life and often hold a very special place in their owners hearts. What we are seeing is that affection is making their owners look for kinder ways to say goodbye to them after their loss and return them to life through nature as Bios offers.

Death is something that is scary, but living with our backs to it is a mistake. We must naturalize the fact of it´s reality and look beyond the end of the body as a living being. What we can do is to try to keep alive the memory of what was lived and the experiences shared with our loved one. They go beyond the sadness of the moment of their loss. We can now seek a natural reunion through nature of which we are a part and thus continue helping those who still live in it.

This concept led me to become part of the Bios family and offer our clients another way to continue with the more vivid memory of their loved ones than ever.


urna-bios-pets-urna-para-mascota-entrevista-davijuan-arte-funerario-distribuidor / Bios Urn Blog: A day in the liife of a funerary art company

Our offices near Leon (Spain)..


I am proud of my company because …

Davijuan offers its funerary art services in Northern Spain.

The Bios urns are for us the kindest and most natural transit to continue more alive than ever in the memory of those who are lucky to continue traveling on the path of Life.

In fact, we love this idea so much that we have presented this new concept through the local media and we have also held a Bios Urn Pets ® conference at the Veterinary University of Lugo. It wasdefinitely  a new experience for us! We were happy because we saw that it aroused the interest of many animal lovers who see in the Bios Urn ® a very kind and beautiful way to restart a new way of life in a natural way.

What our company is trying to seek is to change the traditional concept of cemeteries and make them a more welcoming place. We think that they shouldn´t be a a place of pain and death, but of life in all its splendor. A walk through a forest whose trees and living beings that are in it will always make us feel very alive.


Many thanks to Juan at Davijuan for sharing with us his day to day life and how he came to work in funerary art. We are always very interested in hearing the different stories of those who are part of the funeral industry and who are committed to changing the status quo and offering families more and more options. We wish them all the best for the future!


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