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Going Green: How Nature & Design Can Change The World

Green Design Can Change The World Design is a signal of intention, and it plays a crucial role in ensuring a greener future for all. Often times, products are created with the intention to be used until discarded thus generating unnecessary waste. Have you heard of the concept of cradle-to-cradle design? The cradle to cradle […]

Bios Incube Is The First Incubator Designed to Grow Ashes Into Tree

Bios Incube is the world’s first incubator designed to grow the remains of your loved ones into trees. The Bios Incube has officially launched to the general public and is now available to purchase exclusively on the Bios Urn website. The Bios Incube is a sophisticated and stylish tree incubator which aids in the growth […]

Lillea Planted Her Father´s Bios Urn Tree and it has Grown So Beautifully

Lillea Rawlings has a beautiful Red Maple tree nearly four feet tall, growing on her family´s land. This red maple tree is no ordinary maple, it´s her father´s Bios Urn that she planted in August of 2015. Lillea´s father loved the outdoors, and felt a special affinity with nature. He spent time outdoors, and was […]