FORBES, The Telegraph, WIRED : What The Press Is Saying About Bios Urn®

  As always, Bios Urn ® has been getting a lot of interesting press coverage and we thought you may like to see some of the latest press clippings. Every journalist has a different take on the Bios Urn ® idea and the ever-changing funeral industry which is always very interesting to read. Being the […]

You Can Donate Your Organs And Then Become A Tree After You Die

  When you pass away, there are various things that can be done with your body immediately after your passing: · The body can be buried in a coffin in the ground, possibly after it has been embalmed (Embalming is typically required for a public viewing and in certain other circumstances, including if the person […]

What To Do When Someone Dies

When someone you care about dies, whether it is an event you have discussed and prepared for in advance of or it comes as a surprise, there are many emotions to navigate and challenges to overcome. Many people are faced with the question : What to do when someone dies? If you are responsible for […]

A Day In The Life Of A Funerary Art Company

  Hello! My name is Juan Manuel. Passionate about basketball and nature, I currently head up a small company called Davijuan Marble in Spain. Davijuan is a family-owned business which offers “funerary art” as we call it here. It was founded by my father, who continues to be, today, the benchmark for our clients and […]

Most Read Bios Blog Posts of 2020 !

  Of course, 2020 will be remembered for all of us as the year when the world shifted following the global pandemic. We don´t want to dwell on something that we hear about and see everyday – the struggle is continuous for us all. Hopefully the arrival of the 2021 will be, for many, a […]

Can Humans Bring A Forest Back To Life?

  You may sometimes wonder like us, can nature truly return by itself? The answer is, thankfully, YES! Witnessing Mother Nature bring a forest back to life is a natural miracle. Even after a forest has been razed and cleared, it can return. However this natural process can take decades or even hundreds of years, […]