“I Am Dog Trainer and Pet Therapist” – Marion’s Bios Story

  Hello. My name is Marion François and I am a dog trainer and a zoo therapist. My job is to take care of dogs that cause problems for their owners. I am very good at teaching dogs amazing things. That’s why I became a dog trainer, or some might say I am a dog […]

20 Pet-Friendly Houseplants That Are Not Toxic For Animals

  If you are considering planting your Bios Urn ® with a plant or flower and have a pet at home, you may want to consider pet-friendly houseplants that are not toxic. While all of our biodegradable urns are compatible with every single species plant, many species can be toxic to pets that may decide […]

Best Books About Death, Grief And Mortality

  Processing grief can be a significant challenge to those directly experiencing loss and their loved ones. People’s experience of grief is very subjective, and as a culture, there is a considerable lack of literacy around death and grieving considering that it is an integral part of every single person’s life. This can leave us […]

Why Young Trees Need Mulch And How To Make Your Own!

  Mulch is the unsung hero of the home garden. Shrubs, flowers, and vegetables all depend on well-hydrated and nutrient soil as do trees of course. What’s one secret to keeping soil happy? You guessed it: mulch. Mulch has so many great benefits which we dive into below. You can buy mulch from home and […]

The Amazing Cultural Practice Of Planting Trees In Trees, Symbolizing Life And Death

  A cultural practice of growing trees in trees came to light and it is believed that it is an old Aboriginal custom where one tree was planted in another tree. There are still many unknowns, but it is thought that the traditional owners are the Gamilaraay, also rendered Kamilaroi, Kamillaroi and other variations, which are an […]

FORBES, The Telegraph, WIRED : What The Press Is Saying About Bios Urn®

  As always, Bios Urn ® has been getting a lot of interesting press coverage and we thought you may like to see some of the latest press clippings. Every journalist has a different take on the Bios Urn ® idea and the ever-changing funeral industry which is always very interesting to read. Being the […]

You Can Donate Your Organs And Then Become A Tree After You Die

  When you pass away, there are various things that can be done with your body immediately after your passing: · The body can be buried in a coffin in the ground, possibly after it has been embalmed (Embalming is typically required for a public viewing and in certain other circumstances, including if the person […]