Letter To My Loved-Ones : I Will Write My End-of-Life Plans Down For You

  Dear loved-ones,   My New Year’s Resolution for 2022 is to think about what I would like to happen after I die.   I know, it’s definitely not the most common of resolutions, nor the most common of topics in actual fact.  But thinking about life, also entails thinking about the end of life, […]

How to Really Be with Nature – A Guided Meditation

Struggling with stress or anxiety can make everyday tasks daunting, difficult and stress inducing. Everyone has different techniques to relax, calm down and feel connected with ALL our emotions. Many people find that connecting with nature is extremely powerful to reduce stress and anxiety or when feeling extremely strong emotions related with grief. Feeling the breeze on […]

What Is The Best Season To Plant Trees?

If you are about to plant a Bios Urn ® tree, one of the things to consider is which is the best season to plant trees in. This is a key consideration so as to give your tree urn the best chance of growing nice and strong. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, fall […]

What Exactly Is Permaculture?

  The term “permaculture” is a contraction of “permanent culture” that was first coined by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in 1978. In more recent times, permaculture and more sustainable production systems in general are growing exponentially. For many, it is a life philosophy that they live fully. Some even make a living from […]

I Don’t Want To Plant The Bios Urn® Immediately. Is That Possible?

  The simple answer is YES.   The Bios urn expiration explained The Bios Urn ® does not have an expiration date. Thanks to the materials used to create it, you can keep the tree urn indefinitely. It can be safely stored until the planting for years or even decades. The tree urn will only […]

Best TED Talks On The Subject Of Death

  TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less) which are called TED Talks. They are free to watch and access to anyone in many languages. Death is a topic that is relevant to us all, and yet it simply isn’t pleasant to […]

« My Son Donated His Organs » – Lori’s Bios Story

  Each year on the 13th August, World Organ Donation Day is observed across the world. The day is marked to spread awareness about organ donation and to clear misconceptions related to donating organs. The day is recognised to encourage people to take a pledge of donating healthy organs after their death to those who […]

«We Are Specialists in Aquamation : Water Cremation» – Nathan’s Bios Story

Pictured: Clint, Nathan´s business partner, and his dog.   Hello. My name is Nathan Lea, I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I am co-founder of Water to Sky Ltd, a company specialized in aquamation pet cremation, an eco-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation.   Nature has always played a big role in my life. Living in northern […]

What You Need to Germinate Seeds Successfully

  Before we dive into the wonderful world of seeds, remember that the Bios Urn ® can be planted with seeds as well as with a seedling, a sprout or a sapling. Even though a lot of content shows a tree growing from seed, it is in no way limited to seeds only. You can […]