¡Lo Qué Dice La Prensa Sobre Bios!

La Urna Bios® recibe una interesante cobertura mediática y pensamos que te gustaría ver algunos de los últimos artículos de prensa. Cada periodista tiene una visión diferente del concepto de Bios Urn®, así como de la industria funeraria que esta evolucionando constantemente. Resulta muy interesante leer sobre ello.

Una compañía pionera que creó la primera urna biodegradable en el mundo y la única que introdujo la idea de plantar un árbol con cenizas humanas después de la cremación, la marca Bios se ha convertido en una referencia en los medios.

¡Entonces veamos qué dice la prensa sobre Bios en 2019!


Lo que dice la prensa sobre Bios


What the press is saying about Bios Urn - Diario L´Expansión / Prensa sobre Bios

Las ‘start up’ revitalizan el sector funerario

«El auge de la incineración y el cambio de mentalidad generacional dan nuevos aires al sector funerario. Los jóvenes no quieren velatorios tristes. Para ellos es prioritario que sus entierros sean ecológicos y dejar en orden su legado digital.» Seguir leyendo



what the press is saying about Bios - National Geographic / Ce Que La Presse Dit Sur Bios! / Prensa sobre Bios


From diamonds to rockets, mourning the dead has gotten high-tech

«Throughout history, people have devised elaborate ways to memorialize the dead: the pyramids of Egypt, Europe’s Gothic mausoleums, the Taj Mahal in India. What some mourners consider meaningful, others would call macabre. In 19th-century Europe and America, “death photography” produced portraits of the departed in lifelike poses; in the Tibetan Buddhist rite known as sky burial or bya gtor (alms for the birds), earthly remains are set out to feed vultures. Notions about honoring the dead are shaped by many factors—culture, tradition, geography, religion. But the notion is one thing, and the execution is another.» Seguir leyendo…



/ Prensa sobre Bioswhat the press is saying about Bios Urn - WIRED / Ce Que La Presse Dit Sur Bios!

Upgrade your kitchen with these essential culinary gadgets

«Whether you’re looking to grow herbs, find recipe ideas or zhuzh up your breadboard, we’ve hunted down the finest – and wackiest (plant-growing urn!) – innovations to update your kitchen.[…] At a towering 750mm tall, the Bios Incube is sure to make its presence felt around the house – or get under your feet – depending on the your fondness for the deceased.» Seguir leyendo…



what the press is saying about Bios Urn - Vox.com / Ce Que La Presse Dit Sur Bios! / Prensa sobre Bios

Disruption comes for death

«Cremation is on the rise. Whimsical and environmentally friendly businesses are changing the final frontier. In the 19th century, the American Industrial Revolution was responsible for momentous technological strides: The country’s first cotton mill, the invention of the telegraph and sewing machine, and the completion of the United States’ first transcontinental railroad. Also born of the period’s innovation was the modern funeral industry — from the newly mechanized manufacturing of caskets to the reemergence of embalming, a means of corpse preservation in which chemicals are injected into the body in order to slow decomposition, a practice dating back to ancient Egypt.» Seguir leyendo


what the press is saying about Bios Urn - The Sun / / Prensa sobre Bios

BURY ODD: Liquid ‘aquamation’ and burned bodies squeezed into DIAMONDS – bizarre alternatives to being buried or cremated.

«WHEN someone pops their clogs, you can be pretty sure they’ll either be buried or cremated – but some prefer a send off that’s a little different. Whether its melting your body in hot water or firing your ashes into orbit, there are many bizarre alternatives to the more traditional end-of-life solutions.» Seguir leyendo…


what the press is saying about Bios Urn - Asia One / Prensa sobre Bios

Interesting funeral services you should know about

«It’s 2019 and a lot has changed — even the business of death. Today it is no longer taboo to talk about the end of one’s life, and marking the passing of a loved one needn’t be a grim, gong-and-chanting-filled affair. While modern funerals today aren’t quite full blown block parties (we’re not that progressive), memorial services are moving away from being an arcane, superstitious affair to something that treats those who have passed in a more personable way.» Seguir leyendo




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